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ASPCA Not All It’s Advertised To Be


Since 2008, the ASPCA [American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals], has raised more than $2 billion for animal welfare. In that time, it has spent $146 million, or about 7% of the total money raised, in grants to local animal welfare groups. But during that same time period it spent nearly three times that, at least $421 million, on fundraising. Over $150 million of that went to Eagle-Com Inc, a Canadian media production company, to produce and place ASPCA’s ads.

“I don’t know how they can put their head on a pillow at night,” [Gary] Rogers [president of the Nassau County SPCA, a local charity that fosters animals] said, “knowing that there are so many animals out here that that money could be used for, for other things.” More

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  1. I won’t give them any money, but I have taken dog and cat food to the SPCA from time-to-time. I also took in a feral cat, she’s been the best cat we’ve ever owned. She’s no longer feral, I told her I was going to make her my friend. Wet cat food sealed the deal. 🙂

  2. @MJA Completely true, more organizations have become machines that exist to keep themselves running vs. contributing to the mission they claim to be working for. Always donate directly to those who have boots on the ground, never those with slick marketing and tear-jerker commercials.

  3. The S.A. bid almost Twice Fair market value for a building & land we owned in the 90’s.
    Any other bid we received was 15% to 20%.
    They did not give a shit since it was not their money per say.

  4. For those that denote food to your local shelter, I recommend one more step, find out what they do with it.

    We regularly walk dogs at our local shelter so we know what goes on there. Stupidly, they will give dog food away to any body that shows up asking for it. So naturally, when you give things away, it is abused. Regulars will drive up in nice cars wearing good clothes, perfectly capable of buying their own food for their own dogs, but thy will take from the shelter, absolutely infuriating.

  5. Here’s a dirty little secret. “Non-profits” are used as a Democrat farm club whenever and wherever the Democrat machine achieves control. They install their up and comers in leadership positions in these organizations and keep a close eye on how they are doing.

    Once the camel’s nose is under the tent it doesn’t take long before the mission of the org is subjugated to woke ideology.

  6. NEVER give money to these mega-charities. Far too often, like government agencies, they exist to perpetuate themselves, not fulfill their core mission(s). If you want to help, give to local operations where you can see the results (if any) and hold the recipients accountable.

  7. Don’t even give money to local shelters. There have been several in my area that will beg for money, people give them money and they pocket it for themselves. The smartest thing to do is adopt an animal or take them food, blankets, toys, medication, etc. or if they’re begging for money to pay a vet, give the vet the money not them.

  8. rich taylor, I didn’t realize they do that as well. Non-profits have just became the devil all around.

  9. When I lived in New York City, I would see armed ASPCA police
    officers make arrests of animal abusers. They were not pussies. Now I live upstate, and I saw them with a big van removing horses that had been horribly mistreated. But still, money can be made.

  10. It seems to be an evolutionary principle of organizations – all of em.
    From churches and charities to cities to states and on to nations.
    They start out with the idea of doing good and then morph into money machines – sometimes with the originator, more often without. But you’ll ALWAYS find some greedy fuck at the helm.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. My wife gave aspca a few dollars at some popup stand and was stupid enough to provide her address and phone number. They wouldn’t take cash, so she was also dumb enough to give a credit card.

    Those cocksuckers started charging her MONTHLY and it took 4 months of telling them to remove her and reverse charges before they finally did. Now she deals with them calling constantly and sending junk mail. And if that wasn’t bad enough, they signed her up for all the other cruelty orgs, like humane society, anti cruelty society, animal rights, peta, and a bunch more I don’t remember. Mailbox is always stuffed with it.

    They have all clearly lost money trying to get more money out of her from the initial 10 bucks she gave.

  12. Just like the United Way, and a whole bunch of so called charities. The people running the operation get huge salaries, and less then 5% goes to anything resembling people or animals in need. The Klinton foundation is another prime example. Meanwhile their shelters put most of the abandoned pets to sleep, how the hell is that supposed to be ethical?

  13. Just like Bums “Homeless”, I never give them money, but I will offer to buy them a meal. What ever time of day it may be, I haven’t had one yet accept the offer.

  14. Non-profits = money laundry operations!

    I once gave fifty dollars to the state troopers for their charity drive. For about the next ten years, I would get a call every year from them wanting another contribution. Not only that but I also began receiving calls from sheriffs’ offices, police and fire departments, some as far away as Arkansas and Ohio, wanting contributions.

  15. Ed357,
    Even better….under some rule or “law”, the “charity” doesn’t pay the postage on the pre-paid envelope until it’s returned. So I DEFINITELY return it…….empty.

  16. I’ve always thought their ads were horrible. I change the channel and won’t donate a cent. There has to be a better way. I’ve rescued quite a few cats and dogs in my life.

  17. I donated $$ to Trump’s campaign. Now it’s never ending with different Republican politicians begging me for money. Even though I changed my political party to Independent, the begging still continues. Even got a begging letter from Lindsay Graham. WTH!

  18. In December of 1975, I got abrupt orders to leave the UK where I was stationed because our squadron was being disbanded and they needed me at Offutt AFB. My spouse left before I did and I was left to try and find a good home for our cat as it was almost impossible to bring one back to the states back then. I called the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (RSPCA) to ask for assistance in finding our cat a home. The guy working there suggested that I drown the cat as I would never find someone who would take it on short notice. I told him I must have gotten the wrong number but he assured me I had reached the RSPCA. I basically told him he was a sick bastard and that I would simply release the cat to fend for itself before I would drown it. He said that was illegal and I could be arrested for it. I told him to bugger off and hung up on him. I found a home for the cat within a few days.

  19. I fill those postage paid envelopes with all my other junk mail and THEN send them back.

    It’s the little things that make me happy.

  20. I sent AARP a brick once with their prepaid envelope, they stopped sending me junk for about 2 years. Now I think there is a weight limit so I put the LEO nu k mail in the AARP envelope and send the LEO scammers AARP, properly sanitized of course.

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