Astronaut urine to build moon bases

You heard me.

WUWT: The modules that the major space agencies plan to erect on the Moon could incorporate an element contributed by the human colonizers themselves: the urea in their pee. European researchers have found that it could be used as a plasticizer in the concrete of the structures. more

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  1. Great, Somewhere, someplace, right now, there’s some damn quality engineer defining what Mil-Spec Pee is.

  2. Yet another reason to not want to go to space.

    Frankly, the only reason I would want to go is zero gravity sex. You know. That awkward arm thing.

    Does anyone have an argument with that?

    No you don’t.

  3. So, they’re gonna have a Starbucks on every corner? Around the base? So they can start building the base?

  4. C’mon. Every dude wants to file a NASA FOIA request about heterosexual interaction in zero gravity. Those young males and females spend lots of idle time together.
    It’s bound to have happened.

    We demand a probe.

  5. …never forget that America led the world after the Apollo 13 near-tragedy by becoming the first nation to have 11 bags of piss in orbit…

  6. Hm-m-m-m-m-m and the Chinese use human urine as fertilizer for green growth which reminds me of a funny pee story.

    A ‘progressive’ acquaintance decided she needed to save water and brag about her greenness because the rest of us are slobs. 3 toilets in the house and she only flushed the urine every other day. Her house smelled yet she ignored it because she was saving the planet. Then came the day when her toilet lids blew off and the toilets fractured. Apparently not flushing urine often causes a build up of crystals that cause these little explosions. I haven’t looked up the science of it but I sure did laugh long and loud.

  7. I’m so glad that NASA has never divulged that super secret they developed and possess to keep getting billions in any budget…
    FFS ,,,

  8. Bosh and nonsense.
    Start with the lava tubes, that eliminates 90% of the other problems. Spray the walls with SPF (Sprayed polystyrene Foam) and pressurize them and move in.
    Other sites use dozers to put some moon dirt on top of the habitats.
    The piss needs to be recycled for the liquid water.
    But the Golf!
    Seventh hole: Par five seven miles!
    Fukin-A! I need to get up there.


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