ASU Professor Who Posted On Twitter As “Sciencing_Bi” Reported Dead of COVID-19, Now Accused Of Being a Big Fat Hoax

Chronicle of Higher Education

Friday evening brought terrible news. The Arizona State University instructor behind the Twitter account @Sciencing_Bi, a prominent voice in the online STEM community, had died of Covid-19. The news came from BethAnn McLaughlin, the founder of MeTooSTEM, who eulogized her friend in a Twitter thread.

Users posted tearful remembrances of @Sciencing_Bi, a Hopi woman who had posted about suffering from complications of the coronavirus and had criticized Arizona State for planning to return students and professors for fall instruction.

But by Sunday, the grief had turned to anger and confusion. It appeared that no one knew the true identity of @Sciencing_Bi. Evidence then surfaced suggesting that some photos tweeted by the account were stock images. An internet investigation was afoot, and several Twitter threads came to a jarring conclusion: @Sciencing_Bi was not a real person. More

The story is also investigated Here

12 Comments on ASU Professor Who Posted On Twitter As “Sciencing_Bi” Reported Dead of COVID-19, Now Accused Of Being a Big Fat Hoax

  1. Just one more phony covid death. Do we actually KNOW that anyone has really died of covid, or are we just taking their word for it?

  2. Nothing new here…
    Just the LEFT again using Social Media to build another False Agenda Narrative to con 10’s of 1000’s into something that does not exist anywhere but in their minds or in such micro tiny numbers it does not justify adjusting the lives of 100’s of Millions.

    Like the 1990’s Internet BS-Myths on watching out for HIV needles under the Car door handles, or the use _____Man vs ____Person, or Global Freezing, Global Warming, Climate Change, or the Non-existent wide scale White vs Black racial issues that each have made a few individuals $$$ Millions $$$ being TV camera Hogs and disrupting our society.

  3. I think the definition of science_bi is that if the facts don’t match what you want, make them up. I guess that applies to almost all leftists and democrats.

    Other examples can be found with Jussie Smollet, false rape accusations on campuses, false racist occurrences on campus, covid-19, man-made global warming, etc. The list is long.

  4. She’s a fraud who started a fraudlent movement, then made up some fradulent faggot twitter shit, then fraudulently killed the fraudulent faggot fraud… my head is spinning.

    Anyway, that cow was never sexually harassed.

  5. Damn……taking the Liawatha story….

    To the next level…..actually inventing the nonexistent minority person.


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