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At 14 She Was Mutilated. At 17 She Has Deep Regrets.

Not The Bee:

At 14, doctors cut off her breasts and put her on testosterone. Now she’s 17, can’t accept what’s been done to her, is too sad to even go to school, and sees no reason to live.

Twitter put a “sensitive” content warning on the tweet because it contains two screenshots from Reddit where a girl who has been mutilated to look like a man writes about how she has nothing to live for because she feels like a freak of nature.

I’m going to post her story here because these stories need and deserve to be told, but it’s raw, folks. Proceed with the understanding that this is weighty, horrific stuff. more. h/t JDHasty.

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  1. The only way this ends is when those who encourage these procedures are held financially responsible for Bad advice, incorrect treatment, & failure of due diligence. esp the Gender specialists & psychiatrists

  2. Those doctors, obvious descendants of Josef Mengele, should be put to death.

    They have violated their oaths and subjected a child to physical and mental tortures that they cannot begin to imagine. No 14 y/o can make a decision of this magnitude – there simply isn’t enough information available to the child, nor the emotional stability to guide her.

    Satanism in Action.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Indeed, only Lucifer takes joy in the mutilation of God’s creations.

    Only Satan can convince a glorious celestial being to desecrate their physical form.

    He is alive and trotting around openly now as little children fondle the crotches of perverts and its encouraged by theur own liberal parents.

    Liberals think by denying the Lord God Almighty they will be free from the devil, how stupid.

    Their atheism guarantees their damnation and they are to ignorant to understand this.

    Satan delights in the intellectual hubris that denies God and elevates man.

  4. Sad, unfortunate and immoral.
    Or maybe I should just say just Sad and immoral.
    The unfortunate past is that there aren’t enough lamp posts to hang the people involve in this sick, twisted horror show and travesty of justice!

  5. This is also enabled since ObamaCare, Medicare and insurance subsidizing or outright paying for this carnage. It is disgusting, this entire medical system is a satanic nightmare.

  6. This is heartbreaking. We all have mistakes and regrets over stupid decisions we made while younger, and even sometimes not so young. But the deep betrayal by the “medical professionals” is a factor that raises this to a new, horrific level.
    My friend had to go through a year of therapy and classes, as well as group meetings, in order to have the lap-band surgery to help her lose weight. The doctors had to be sure that she was mentally prepared to change her body and habits.
    I pray this young lady and others like her find the love and support they need. I also pray that the perpetrators of this crime receive the justice they deserve.

  7. “and sees no reason to live.”

    She will off herself, that’s the sad part. My niece’s daughter is headed in the same direction. IT’S MY NIECES FAULT! Both parents are ultra liberals, they love the gays, the Bidens, abortion, you name it, they’re fully behind it. Just for spite, I will send her this article. BTW, the daughter wants to be addressed as Xavier. She doesn’t get her way with me, I call her by her given name.

  8. What mindset encourages, condones and funds the depressed, the mentally ill, the typical confused teenager to go to these extremes? To deal with the most heinous of criminal acts by not requiring bail, by releasing the criminal which so often results in a repeated or intensified criminal actions? Why kind of mindset supports the choices of these people while criminalizing and prosecuting those that have political differences?

    We need to wise up. There is no middle ground. There is zero chance of coexistence. If we don’t accept their insanity, they will eliminate us and in their minds it will be entirely justified.

  9. Goldenfoxx – Quite frankly anyone, particularly ultra Liberals, who loves the Gays, Biden, abortion. etc. is compensating for some perceived inadequacy or is over-reaching in some desperate attempt to convince themselves that they are right (cuz they’re never wrong even tho deep down they know they are)

  10. I have posted this before and will most likely post this again in the future. One of the best movie lines ever is from “Clueless” circa 1995, a modern re-make of Jane Austen’s “Emma”. Brittany Murphy’s character says to Alicia Silverstone “I’m taking advice from a virgin who can’t drive!”
    The teen years are not great, your body keeps growing, hair sprouts all over, you have acne, you should still try to have good grades in school, you try to fit in with a peer group (did not happen for me until first year university!). With kind, loving but firm parents, most of us get through those years. Which is why by the time you are 21, your parents have grown so much smarter and kinder!

  11. I strongly disagree with the writer of the linked article when she writes that it is the fault of those of us who stand by or stand down while all this is going on. She clearly shifts the blame for this 14 yo’s tragic condition to everyone outside the girl’s immediate family and extends victim status to the child’s mother, who was “brainwashed” by the “professionals” into relenting. The writer states that we are “somehow worse” than even the doctors who perform these surgeries because we don’t protest against them. She says that those who say nothing out of fear are cowards.

    There are other reasons too numerous to list why the average person has quit caring about subjects like these. Chief among them is that, in some odd way, to care and to speak out only fuels the drive for their advocates to persist. If one takes the attitude, “Meh. Do what you want with your body”, it deflates their fervent cacaphony. They’ve nothing for which to protest on this front, anymore. It’s not that pro-trans advocates are all that keen about the subject as much as they need a picket line.
    Except the so-called “experts” who deliver so-called “trans care”; they profit much.

  12. The Left captures people by having them do stupid life-changing irreversible acts that the person will forever after tie them to the Left or face the truth of what they have done. It’s a form of hostage taking. It’s the same thing with young women getting abortions. They are too young to really have a grasp of the act of murder they are committing. But when they get older and come to understand things in a more mature way they can either face the guilt and pain or become part of the Leftist borg.

    The Left spins a web and captures people this way. And then those people are part of the cult.

  13. Now the time has come (Time)
    There’s no place to run (Time)
    I might get burned up by the sun (Time)
    But I had my fun (Time)
    I’ve been loved and put aside (Time)
    I’ve been crushed by tumbling tide (Time)
    And my soul has been psychedelicized (Time)

    Now the time has come (Time)
    There are things to realize (Time)
    Time has come today (Time)
    Time has come today (Time)

  14. I’m not just going to just blame democrats, but also Republicans for this satanic insanity.
    They could have been doing something about this a long time ago and haven’t. Even now that citizens who didn’t know about it to the extent it’s happening have been made aware of it and are outraged and blowing up their reps phones and e-mails the Republicans try to play games while doing nothing.
    It’s going on in Oklahoma right now, they call a special session to spend covid money with $90 million they’re wanting to give OU Health which doles out puberty blockers and helps kids get surgeries. At first the reps ignored it all together, then after the fire got too hot they pretend they will do something by putting something in a bill that has no teeth, unless you think OU Children’s Hospital is going to self report. Then they say well that’s all we can do because this special session is very limited to what we can do, but we have to vote to dole out this money. We’ll do something in January.

    I truly despise Republicans about as much as I do Democrats.

  15. I also of course blame stupid parents who have no business being a parent if they allow this to their children, they ultimately deserve the most blame because they are the ones who should be protecting their children. Then I blame the doctors who only care about money and not about children. Then I blame the schools that push this. Then the left and both sides of the aisle. No way should this have ever been legal and should have been criminal a long time ago.

  16. @ Old Racist White Woman SEPTEMBER 28, 2022 AT 12:53 PM

    Up until about a decade ago people looked at me like I had broccoli growing out of my ears when I said I hold the Republican establishment in even lower regard than the lowest of Democrats. Not so much any more, particularly if they have allow me the courtesy of telling them why I feel that way.

    The hell of it is the Democrats have moved the bar for lower and yet I still don’t see them standing in front of their potential constituents and telling them what they will support and then turning around and dry shaving them every opportunity they get. Establishment Republicans do that every chance they get.

  17. Wild Bill,
    They (doctors) should lose their ability to practice medicine.
    They want to do double mastectomy on minors?
    How about if someone does a double hand-ectomy on them? (cauterized)

  18. Here in Maine is a father who lost custody of his daughter because some DHHS hag disagreed with him stopping her from “transing”.
    With devilish people like that in positions of abused power a lot of children will be damaged beyond repair.
    They are literally cursing these kids and their families.
    Pray they are exposed for the monsters they are.
    The parents who let this happen need to be jailed.

  19. JDHasty, yes they stabbed conservatives in the back on immigration(remember until Trump came down the escalator it was taboo for any politician to even mention illegals or immigration), abortion, queers, now transgenders and even pedophiles. Heck, the entire bill of rights Republicans have been fine with being violated.

    Yeah, I vote for them for the most part, although there are some I haven’t been able to stomach voting for, but I only do so because they’re slightly less evil than demoncrats.

    I’ve been saying since W we’re screwed and need a true conservative party, but that I wasn’t convinced we’d ever vote our way out of the mess they were making of the country and now it’s even worse than I ever imagined.


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