UPDATE: At Bill de Blasio’s mayoral inauguration, invocation speaker says NYC is a ‘plantation’

Here’s the video. It’s the Sermon on the Hood. This de Blasio era is going to be quite a site to behold, This nutball thinks NYC was a bastion of repression  and  a stranglehold prior to de Blasio. Strap yourselves in, it’s going to be a wild ride.


Linda Stasi – Cleric Fred Lucas Jr., calling NYC a plantation in his “prayer” is a disgrace! Isn’t this supposed to be a day of uniting?

Darren Cohen – I am a proud liberal, but the speakers opening DeBlasio’s inaugural are embarrassing. “The Plantation of NYC”……FUCK OFF!

Josh Greenman – A liberal New Yorker friend’s candid comment about some of the tone so far: “This stuff is freaking me out.”

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Yes, douchenag who probably voted for this monster, you should be freaked out by ALLLLLLLLLLLL leftists.

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  1. Four people were stabbed in Port Authority yesterday and the terminal needed to be evacuated. It didn’t take long to return to the Dinkins days.

  2. This raving asshole is gonna be Dinkins Redux With A Vengeance.

    Under the Dinkins admin we had a bunch of NYPD cops try to take a lateral transfer into our department. That came to a halt because NYC has their own civil service and pension systems. The stories these guys told us were unbelievable. Liberalism gone wild. Politically correct bullshit inundated the whole organization and the police commanders went along with it so they could keep their cushy jobs. All told, about 5,000 cops left the NYPD during Dinkins’ tenure, some because of the PC nonsense, many more because of budget cuts.

    These idiots just don’t get it. The criminal underclasses are emboldened by pols like Blasio and his ilk. The cops are gonna draw their horns in because they know that the admin will cut their nuts off at the drop of a hat.

    Dinkins served as mayor from 1990 through 1993 – these years showed the highest murder rates in the history of the city as shown here:

    Giulani Rudy was mayor from 1994 – 2001. Look at the decline in NYC crime rates during his administration. Murders were reduced by 63% and total Part I crimes went down 51%.

    This will not be pretty.

  3. Well, from a certain viewpoint, it IS a plantation. It’s a plantation for anyone who works for a living and has to pay that damned city tax…..and for what? To pay the salaries of the leftist-freak City Councilmembers, who can’t seem to think up enough ways to drive jobs out of NYC? To make sure that the bike lanes get plowed before the car lanes following a snowstorm? (No kidding, this is what happened in December 2010 folliwing the sixth-worst blizzard in the city’s history.) To spank the fops over wtop-and-frisk?

    Sing it with me, people: I’M SO GLAD I MOVED TO YONKERS……

  4. @sig94–I heard the SEIU was setting up an organizing arm for the battalions of squeegee men who’ll now be back at the Triboro Bridge area on 125th Street. (I refuse to call it the RFK Bridge!)

  5. Who endorsed Che DeBlasio for Mayor?

    1. Barack Obama. No reading or study required.
    2. Harry Belafonte.No reading or study required.
    3. NY Observer. Headlines and photos will do.
    4. NY Times. First time endorsement in yrs.
    5. Christine Quinn.The Gay vote. No reading req.
    6. Anthony Weiner. The weirdo vote guaranteed.

    Who Endorsed Joe Lhoya for Mayor?

    1. The New York Post. Reading required.
    2. The Daily News. Reading required.
    3. AM New York. Attention required.
    4. Newsday. Reading required.
    5. Grains Business. High end reading required.
    6. NY Observer. Reading required.

    There you have it in a nutshell.

  6. Note Ny Daily News and NY Observer endorsed Joe Lhota in the primary and then switched to De’Blazio in the election.

  7. persecuter – The SEIU has an inexhaustible supply of thugs who will be used as brown shirts by de Blasio and his minions. This guy goes beyond the democratic pale. He is right off the map; all bridges and highways into NYC should have the following warning “Here there be monsters.”

  8. I just listened to the “invocation” at the inauguration and he makes new York sound like a wretched shithole, and that’s at the start of a commies term. We will need to make up new words for this place pretty soon.

    I suppose we could start by verbing it, “newyorked” “blasioed” covered in de blasio, and so on.

  9. Who is this Bill da Blasio dude and why should I care?

    (hehehe…I couldn’t help myself…go ahead and delete this comment when you find it Big Fur Hat!)

  10. O God,O God, O God, O God deliver us from plantation owners of the cloth; pimps with collars whose riches come from the pennys of the poor and wretched. Deliver us Dear Lord from the cluches of the Bacons,the Sharptons, the Jackons, and the Lucas’ whose hate spewing rhetoric is designed to incite and devide. For this we pray.

  11. @MOE TOM:


    They need to save themselves before the socialists eat them. When you’re up to your neck in shit, and it’s still pouring in, it’s time to exit the septic tank.

  12. The worst kool-aid drinking area in NYC is da Bronx.
    They were over 90% for Obama.

    Staten Island was a statistical tie with less than 1% difference between Obama and Romney.

    It’s not all a cesspool. Nearly though. And de Blasio will see that it is.

  13. Moscow on the Hudson..the Commie UN is now deeply rooted.

    It’s a race to the bottom. Who will get their first Chitown mob vs the NY racket? NY couldnt let Chitown win don’t chaknow.

  14. As I said There are a lot of good people in The City, just not enough. I have to admit, listening to De’Blasio’s inaugural speech, the City is in deep shit if he gets away with “distributing the wealth.” He will drive out what’s left of the middle class-the good people- and leave the City to the elite, who support him, and the welfare poor who love him. Unfortunately the media did not tout Joe Lhota’s business acumen, leadership ability,and experience;whereas they payed little attention to De’Blasio’s socialist connections, his community organising experience, his honeymoon in Cuba, and his socialist rhetoric. I served under Lindsey, Koch, and Gulianni but this guy is going to be the fucking pits.

  15. I heard yesterday that only 18% of the NYC voters actually voted–this is what it gets you. I am sorry BFH and other sane New Yorkers for this shitstain mayor. It seems Fred Lucas went to the same “seminary” as Rev. Wright. The chickens have come home to roost for sure.

  16. In four years not even the Indians-sorry Native
    Americans- would want back the HellHole called NYC!!!

  17. Who is this asshole, and why wasn’t affirmative action good enough for him?

    Just love the part where he prays for New Yorkers be set free from fear. Peabrain, tell ya boy Billy de B. that he can’t have it both ways. Either he continues stop and frisk to get criminals and their weapons off the street, or he dismantles it, and New York City will witness the Dinkins administration on steroids.


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