At his FOX town hall, Julian Castro tells woman who was victimized by illegal, “crime happens”


American Thinker: The series of town halls that Fox News is conducting for Democrat presidential candidates who take advantage of its generous offer of air time have been fairly interesting. Faced with moderators who do nor hug them the way Rachel Maddow did in a 2016 presidential debate, the strong ones have an opportunity to demonstrate their skills while the weak ones fall back on canned answers of dubious relevance to the questions asked.

I was interested in seeing what Julian Castro had to offer yesterday at the town hall in Tempe, Arizona, where, we were told it was well over a hundred degrees outside.

It actually got a little hot for Castro inside, too, when he faced a woman named Jessica Welch who said she had been victimized by an illegal immigrant who used her Social Security number and was released on his own recognizance and ‘was never heard of again.”

His answer was basically, “Hey, s**t happens,” except that he used the word “crime” in place of the offensive word.  In other words, suck it up, baby.  read more

25 Comments on At his FOX town hall, Julian Castro tells woman who was victimized by illegal, “crime happens”

  1. This is the guy hillary was going to pick for her ’16 run.
    He’s so gross! It looks like he uses lip plumping lip gloss and gets his eyebrows threaded.

  2. Notice how answers to questions are always subtly evasive and are actually redirecting the question to something else instead of being a simple direct answer.

    A sign of dishonesty not matter who is doing it, and politicians seem to be masters of the technique.

  3. And thus his so called campaign dies on the vine, what a deuce. What a perfect Marxist, some must necessarily suffer if you are reaching for utopia.

  4. “…and remember, ladies, that the important thing here is that the men who raped you are going to vote Democrat, and we do appreciate you taking one for the team in the name of the greater good, which is me making it possible for more rapist to come here.

    Besides, let’s be honest, someone who looked a little like him may have been treated poorly once several hundred years ago by someone of about the same skin color as you, so you getting raped NOW is just cosmic justice for someone getting mistreated THEN, so really it’s YOUR fault you were raped and you deserved it because, White.

    Also, rapist are IMPORTANT to the overall strategy to eliminate White people as a race, and it’s not fair for you to stand in the way of genocide when YOUR womb can and should be used to breed YOUR race out of existence, whether you agree to it or not.

    Now, I don’t want to talk about how MY ancestry is part Spanish, and therefore I and most of my countrymen are actually descendants from the Conquistadors who DID rape the locals before they killed them and that the language that is the only thing that unites “Hispanics” as a group (because the skin color of Hispanics ranges from lilly White to coal Black) is really the language of European colonizers, because all that is inconvenient and doesn’t fit the narrative that will get me elected and give Democrats ALL the power to bring even MORE rapist in. I will therefore take this opportunity to just call you a racist and move on….”

  5. Rather then take a righteous stand on American principles, morals and scruples he evades and takes the path of least resistance.

    People poop on the streets!
    Oh well, shit happens…

    Take one look at any major city run by democRATs for decades and that’s EXACTLY the attitude that got them where they are today!

    BTW – American principles, morals, scruples and honesty aren’t even on Hillary’s radar!
    She’s rather see you dead than argue with you!

  6. He’s a Demonrat.
    A nihilist.
    A socialist.

    Adding to the chaos is his job – his calling – his purpose.
    They cannot simply run on what they believe (war, famine, pestilence, and death) so they plow hatred and despondency into the soil of discontent.
    Yeah, crime happens, so why fight it?

    Just submit.
    If you’re gonna be raped, try to get it over with as quickly as possible – and being raped by an illegal-alien invader isn’t really any worse than being raped by a native.

    Surrender to fate – God is dead – nothing matters – Nietzsche told us so.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. …I will honestly never understand why ANY White woman is voting Democrat at this point.

    ACTUAL woman, that is. Not those guys who like to use their restroom…

  8. It cost me about 12 grand to get my life straightened out when some illegal fuck stole my social security number for about 3 years. I guess Castro is writing me a check as I type this…

    P.S. the social security administration knew the name didn’t match my social at DAY 1!….Didn’t notify me ever and kept all the money that Jose Gordenez Pinion paid in….It went into the SSA’s special account that had collected 6 billion this way in 2001 alone…..Now, imagine if the SSA would release these monies to build the wall?…

  9. I’m waiting for a latin woman who’s been assaulted by a “gringo” to see how he responds.

  10. Well, let’s see now, a Mexican running for president of a white majority country he hates! WHY? “Hey, crime happens”!

  11. Jose aka Poncho JUNE 15, 2019 AT 9:15 AM
    “Well, let’s see now, a Mexican running for president of a white majority country he hates! WHY? “Hey, crime happens”!”

    …what the hell, we ALREADY had a Mulatto Indonesian AS illegal president of a White majority country he hates, so I guess bonus points for THIS guy not being a closet Muslim like THAT guy was…

  12. @Lazlo The Elder:

    Assassination happens
    Lynching politicians happens

    Yes, crime does indeed happen.
    Somebody please remind this scum about Steve Scalise.

  13. Any phrase that ends in happens like shit happens etc. is just a lame excuse for laziness in the language. It provides an excuse that nothing can be done about it and any unfortunate circumstance is therefore left blameless since it was nobody’s fault in the first place. It’s totally existential and nihilistic.

  14. Funny thing is, Julian was hoping the rapist would come for him!
    A gang of em, in fact.

    izlamo delenda est …

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