At least 13 people killed in crash west of Yuma

MPERIAL, CA (3TV/CBS 5) — An SUV packed with 25 people pulled in front of an oncoming tractor-trailer on a two-lane highway cutting through farmland near the U.S-Mexico border early Tuesday, killing 13 and leaving bodies strewn across the roadway. Most of the dead were Mexicans, a Mexican official said. more

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    HELLO?? JOE??


  2. 25 people in an SUV, that has to be pretty close to max capacity. American citizens thank the Biden administration for creating this nightmare that is just unfolding.

  3. Wish I could claim this, seen earlier:

    If aliens landed and said “take me to your lesder”, can you even imagine how embarrassing that would be?

  4. Summer isn’t that far away. Soon, the AZ southern desert will be littered with illegal aliens who died from the heat.
    One year, they found almost 300 dead people, most of whom were never identified.
    No other country on Earth has people willing to die to live under there. We are Eden, Nirvana to millions of people. sad really sad

  5. reminded me of a joke about certain races or sexual orientation. the punch line is

    “the real crime is there was room for a couple more”.

  6. Yeah right, America is a racist country.
    That’s why border running illegals allow their coyote to pack them in a SUV like sardines and risk the possibility of being killed by chance on the interstate while breaking into the country.

  7. I once saw a large pack of Russians of about 12-15 or so pack themselves into a large BMW sedan at Chatcolet State Park on the bottom end of Coeur d’ Alene Lake in N Idaho after a day of swimming. They were stacked like sardines including 2 or 3 who got into the trunk. I had to laugh and wish at the same time for a Cop to pull them over. I knew that Russians tend to be very clannish but this was ridiculous.

  8. “….authorities said, and it also was not immediately known why so many people were crammed into a vehicle built to hold eight people safely”.

    Yeah, it’s a real head scratcher.

    I’m just gonna say it…who knows how many US
    Citizens lives were just saved from future unlicensed drunk illegal drivers.
    I personally know someone who’s wife and 2 kids were killed by an illegal driving under the influence. I’ve witnessed the devastation. I have no compassion.

  9. Oh … that’s a shame …
    A shame it wasn’t one of the dozens of SUVs Congress bought itself to escape DC in the event of an emergency.
    Yep … real shame …

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Canuckistan True story: Feb 6th/2012 Hampstead Ontario

    We have “Spanish speaking foreign workers” that come up here to pick crops & work on farms legally.
    One winter day the driver (a young worker) was driving a crew in a larger passenger van from a poultry farm. He failed a stop sign and a large Transport truck killed 13 of 15.

    Of course they blamed the company for the worker not having enough training.

    Red = Stop etc. is not obvious enough.

    Sad but really no ones fault.

    This case is quite different.

  11. They don’t mention if the Truck Driver was ok. I hope so. Plus the article tries to weave a lie that the Truck could have been responsible for the crash. Yeah right! The SUV pulled head on into the Truck’s lane! Who cares how fast the Truck was going… he did nothing wrong!

  12. A died of the Chi Communist flu.
    Note, when you overload a vehicle your results may vary in driving ability.

  13. A good friend of mine made a routine traffic stop back in the early 90’s in Monterey County Calif. at 0300 on a long wheel base commuter type van and their count was 28 all ages and sizes! 🙂

  14. Looks like the truck slammed on the brakes and trailer jack knifed but could not avoid the accident.


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