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At Least 195 Dead in ‘Disastrous’ 7.8 Earthquake


Buildings topple, death toll expected to rise in Turkey and Syria.

A powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit southeast Turkey and Syria early Monday, toppling buildings and sending panicked residents pouring outside in a cold winter night. At least 195 people were killed in both countries, hundreds were injured and the toll was expected to rise, the AP reports. Rescue workers and residents frantically searched for survivors under the rubble of crushed buildings in multiple cities on both sides of the border. In one quake-struck Turkish city, dozens pulled away chunks of concrete and twisted metal. People on the street shouted up to others inside a partially toppled apartment building, leaning dangerously. The quake, felt as far away as Cairo, was centered north of the city of Gaziantep in an area about 60 miles from the Syrian border.

On the Syrian side of the border, the quake smashed opposition-held regions that are packed with some 4 million Syrians displaced from other parts of the country by the long civil war. Many of them live in decrepit conditions with little health care. At least 11 were killed in one town, Atmeh, and many more were buried in the rubble, a doctor in the town, Muheeb Qaddour, told the Associated Press by telephone. 


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  1. From: The People in Turkey
    To: President Zelenskyyy

    Please Send Help.
    We need Money.
    We need Food.
    Send all of it.

    President Potatus Bidens Credit Card is MAXXXED out.
    Plus he’s got all those personal expenses.
    Mr. Zelenskyyy . . .
    Can you spare a dime?

  2. Any and All Money sent to help in this disaster must by law come out of the already passed 1.7 TRILLION Dollar Budget that was just passed under the bell just 2 months ago.

    REPEAT: Must come from the Budget already passed.

    New Appropriations REQUIRE New Negotiations.

  3. ** It’s the LAW.
    And this time we are going back to following it.
    Right Kevin?

  4. Once Again . . .
    Another Frozen __udge
    Another Disaster

    Did do you notice CNN is the only one with Live Coverage.
    FOX and msNBC have been wittled thin what with all the recent events

  5. With all the problems in my country, I can’t bring my self to care.

    In other words, fuck them….

  6. Ukraine: the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) put the civilian death toll at 6,655, with a further 10,368 people injured. The OHCHR clarified that it “believes that the actual figures are considerably higher”.

    The number of casualties shows no sign of abating, especially as the extent of civilian deaths is only beginning to be realised. The Guardian reported that “about 1,000 bodies” of military personnel, civilian adults and children have been exhumed by Ukrainian forces in the region of Kharkiv, which was liberated in September. This included “the 447 bodies found at a mass burial site” in the strategically important city of Izium.

    Most cities liberated from Russia have been completely obliterated with only the foundations of homes to be seen.

    The Earthquake in Turkey and war torn Syria nearly approach the dead on a daily basis in Ukraine. Ukraine has an equal or greater death toll everyday. The only earthquakes Ukraine experiences are frequent artillery shells and Russian Missiles which further decimate regions, communities and the civilian population.

    The US Citizens, by the failed policies of the Biden administration, have little resources to provide humanitarian assistance to Turkey or war torn Syria. Possibly other Muslim countries can assist those like minded cult members.
    Watch what the Biden administration does, it will be a failure regardless, he’s a got a track record of failures to protect.

  7. Blame it on Globull Climate Change.
    Or trump.
    Or Covid.

  8. According to Turkey, over 90% of the people favor Sunni Islam, they can pray to Allah for help and relief. I for one am barely holding on to what I have and my expenses now outweigh my income thanks to JB Pritzker and Joey shartpants.
    I feel sorry for the injured and wish no suffering on them but the destruction in Turkey is no worse than demoncrat and RINO suffering our government has imposed on us.

  9. Fuck Turkey… I lived there for a year. It’s a shit hole that could use a good cleaning out. Allah Akbar…

  10. 2300+ now reported dead. It’s a massive crustal RIP.

    Hey, today is Ronald Reagan’s birthday!


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