At Least 41 Shot, 9 Fatally, over Weekend in Gun-Controlled Chicago


At least 41 people were shot, nine fatally, over the weekend in gun-controlled Chicago.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that 31-year-old Raymond A. Hicks was shot just before 6 pm Friday then found in an alley with wounds to his chest and head. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Fifty-seven-year-old George Bingham was shot to death outside New Parie Hotel in Garfield Park just before 2:30 am Saturday. Twenty-four-year-old Daquan Cathary was shot and killed roughly 30 minutes later.

An unidentified 30-year-old was shot to death in Gresham at 3 am Saturday. He was one of five wounded during a drive-by shooting.

Thirty-six-year-old Byron Ruiz was shot to death around 3:30 am in Pilsen. He was “outside on the back porch of a home” when struck with multiple bullets. more

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  1. Laughably, the Chicongo liberals think that the number killed is the only thing that constitutes a “shooting.” So if you get shot, maimed and don’t die, it really didn’t happen.

    Chicongo is dead to me, I won’t ever go back there on my free will. This will soon be the scene near Buckingham Fountain anyway in a few years.

  2. Better call the Quad Broad Squad. Aren’t they righteously fighting to protect minorities and the least among us who cannot protect themselves?
    Or do they not know Chicago is a part of the US?

  3. Hey Broad Squad! Clean up yer miserable, run-down, shot-up, burned-out, poverty-stricken, crime-ridden, rat-infested, urine-soaked, feces-friendly, certified democRAT Shit-Holes, full of wealthy, cigar-smoking democRATz rewarding their buds with public funds, establishing hostile business environments, heavily taxing the most productive citizens and setting up fat pensions for their corrupt union cronies FIRST before mouthing off with your hatred, stupidity and flat-out lies! Show us how to clean up a mess the YOU made before making yet a nuther one!!

  4. Shitcago PD must REALLY be cash-strapped; they’re still driving around in 1974 Dodge Polaras (see thumbnail).

  5. What could go wrong wth the new dwarf lesbian in charge riding around with the PoPo in a flack jacket.

  6. Hey liberal scum, learn something. There is the full expression of your unconstitutional gun control dreams coupled with decades of Democrats running the city into the ground. Your morals are just horrible, you are the real racists, and your policies are disastrous. A special place awaits Democrats in Hell for their murder by abortion and sexual depravity policies.

  7. Shooting blacks and saying the N word.

    Things black people do all the time but get upset if anyone else does it.

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