At Least One Person Is Held Responsible For Irresponsible Tweet

Vulture “journalist” Eric Abriss was fired yesterday for tweeting a death wish upon the students of Covington Catholic High School following the faked racial incident that went viral following the March For Life annual gathering in D.C. on Friday.

“I just want these people to die. Simple as that. Every single one of them. And their parents.” Which seems kind of tame in hindsight compared to the many other threating and vile responses  to the hoax. More

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  1. I for one am thrilled this happened.
    Sorry for the kids, they will emerge better people for it, not that they deserved any of this brouhaha.
    The antagonists however will be paying for their doltish behaviour, long after the scum has cleared from the pond.
    RICO, class action, this was a concerted effort, make them pay, all of them, pay and pay.

  2. A comment on the original article from “VW”. Couldn’t have said it better (ecept for the typos):

    “You all have fun with this. But I had loong discussion with holocaust survivor. One of things I remember from what he said. He was afraid of not politicians, but the ordinary people. Because Hitler wasnt there to kill him. Basic every day Joe Doe made his life hell. The basic ordinary Joe Doe was whole day torturing people ordering do horrible things to kids and at the evening sitting down with his own kids at the dinner.
    He said these people were almost never held responsible. They just disapeared after war ended. But he also said they are always here ready.

    What I see in these comments about wood chipers and shark tanks is exactly what this survivor was saying. There are plenty people ready to send you to gas chamber, just because you have diferent opinion. Only what they need is green light from some Obama, Hilary, Ben, AOS, Nancy you name it.

    Democrats are oiling this wood chiper machine for decades and they are ripe. Ready to start it.

    What sane person can call wood chiper on kids even if they propagate wrong opinion?

    This is not funny. This is very scary. And USA entered very dangerous state. I see war, gulags, millions of dead if we keep going this way. GOP HAS to start do something to hold DNC morons accountable for this.

    But bunch of do-nothing old farts in GOP are not capable of any action.”

  3. @Tony R
    No, this will not be good in any way, shape or form.
    Bosnia X Rwanda. Simple as that.
    I do not wish this. I pretty much know how it’ll go for me.
    I’m OK with that.
    Many do not deserve what I believe is coming.
    I wish God would Bless this nation and turn our path and show us Mercy.
    But we have done nothing to deserve that either.
    I just hope some will hear and prepare.
    It comes.
    Ready or not.
    It comes.

  4. Tucker Carlson was making the point last night that though the Sh*tstorm may be passing, those false news stories, tweets and other hate filled content directed at those boys will follow them for as long as there is an internet.

    There are a lot of people out there unrepentant and fully esteemed in their own hate fueled by this awful incident. They will be ready to descend again to pounce on those the media directs them to hate (and the democrat party directs the media).

  5. Dr. Tar:

    You are so unfortunately right. Remember the Duke Lacrosse team? Robert Bork?
    Clarence Thomas (and Long Do-g Silver?) Will it ever end?

    As the grandson of a man who we know worked the “camps” we’ve always been so aware of how close a lot of people are to committing terrible things in the name of country, home, God, and ideas – look at how fast these progressive thinks throw other people’s values/ideas away in favor of their own.

    I’ve looked at evil in the face when I saw a boy of 14 carve the eyes out of a 50 year old father of 2 prison guard. That boy’s eyes were demonic. After that day I never will underestimate the power of evil in the hearts of men again. (And there is a force multiplier to evil in crowds.)

  6. Remember when people behaved like civilized human beings, because it was generally understood by everyone that any other sort of behavior would earn you a public ass beating? Or was that just while I was in elementary school?


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