At least these high school students attacking their elders didn’t smirk at them – IOTW Report

At least these high school students attacking their elders didn’t smirk at them

Student punches teacher

Student hospitalizes teacher

Student punches and kicks elderly teacher

Student punches teacher in the face

Male student beats up female teacher because she “snitched that he had drugs”

Student attacks teacher 

Student cold-cocks teacher

Student body slams teacher over cell phone

Student knocks out teacher

Female student attacks male teacher

Male student ambushes female teacher and knocks her out

Student hits teacher in the head with a floor tile

Student attacks school administrator

Middle school students arrested for felony attack of female teacher

Students attack teachers for the 3rd time in a month at same high school

Teacher attacked for the 2nd time in his career

Student assaults teacher

Student attacks assistant principal choking and hitting him

Student attacks teacher

Student knocks out teacher in knockout game

Teacher mobbed and attacked by students after breaking up a fight

I can do this all night, and I don’t want to.

My point is made.

The Covington kid watched an old man banging a drum in his face and quietly tried to not burst out laughing, not sure what he was even looking at, and the left paints him as a Nazi.

Meanwhile, have you seen the videos above?

The left is a friggin’ joke.

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  1. Bringing race into this isn’t fair! Those videos are different because the Covington kids are white. Nazis are white. Therefore the kids are guilty. See? It’s that simple. Why do you overcomplicate it by bringing up race?

  2. finished high school in ’72.
    In 4 years there was never a single
    attack on a teacher or even harsh words.
    We had about 5% black kids.They were poor
    but polite and quiet.Nobody bothered or
    harassed them.I would not let my kid go to
    “public” school today,especially a girl.

  3. Mary Enid O'Shaunessy, proud that my doorman is black! Queens NY


    *realizes she didn’t even watch videos, just assumed the students are black*


  4. The point of anyone trying to refocus our attention on the kid’s smirk is to do just that, refocus (redirect) our attention away from the real villains and to somehow justify all their villainy. What does one do when a dry drunk banging a drum inches away from your face in a threatening manner, do? What do you do when you’re out in public enjoying the day with your friends — just minding your own business — and a group of scary-looking strangers start hurling very personal (hate speech) epithets at you, and they’re acting like they’re drunk or mentally ill? After all who in their right mind starts shouting like this or banging a drum in people’s faces — public or private — with no provocation except what may be perceived in their own sick minds? There are people on every street corner of Leftist-run cities harassing bystanders like that all the time. Sometimes there’s actually a person these lunatics are yelling at and a lot of times there’s not.

    Phillips is a race-baiting, mentally defective, chip-on-his-shoulder, loser. Like most of his Leftist cohort, he’s finally found a group where he fits in. I wonder how often he’s smirked at the virtue-signally up-twinklers who’ve flocked around him while he performed his version of “Elder Native American”?

    I think the only thing that has saved the American indian from complete destruction at their own hands is the brilliant idea of casinos.

  5. B…bbb…buuuut….”White Privilege™!”

  6. The Left has pushed very hard to normalize the acts of weirdos and lunatics screaming, shouting, threatening and destroying the peace of people by calling it “protest”.

    Conservatives (Americans in spirit) peaceably assemble with lawful permits, in bounded areas, and take turns sharing their opinions. When their allotted time has expired, they look around on the ground and pick up other people’s trash, deposit it in a garbage can (or pack it home with their own), exchange handshakes and business cards and offer to volunteer for the next event. I’ve never once seen a fellow patriot fall to the ground screaming at the sky or shouting foul words at anyone in front of their own kids. Loonies do that all the time.

  7. Soft bigotry of low expectations. Cuckoo is ok. Remaining centered and calm in the face of cukoo is unforgivable. Golly, it appears when cuckoo is allowed to roam free we all get excrement thrown at us. Stoicism is not ok now, because….? Because….. – Our handlers haven’t given us the message yet.

  8. Where I come from invading my personal space to try to push me into a fight by being a jerk will work every time if my warnings to back the F’ off go unheeded.

    When it comes to strangers hurling insults at me for no reason other than my skin color or what I am wearing I tend to give it back twice as hard as I get it and more often than not gets their panties in a wad over my retuned insults and escalates it giving the cowards no choice but to back down or TRY to respond with violence which never ends well for the person that throws the first punch.

    Even in today’s snowflake filled country the insane understand a good solid punch in the nose.

  9. NOT all NAZI’s were NORDIC White.
    Note: Even Hitler & Mussolini confined and executed Catholic priests for standing up against them.

    In WWII Japan sided with NAZI Germany, ITALY (Mediterranean Race) also did, so did Middle East and North Africa countries.
    The very name IRAN means “The land of Aryans”

    While we are talking about the BAD White Man Raping the Land.
    American Indian tribes constantly attacked each other conducting mass murders for hunting, food bearing areas and women. Because of the American Indians semi-normadic lifestyle moving from area to area. Once they depleted the resources of the area they were in they travel to other tribal areas. Thus they were at constant war with each other and there were over 600 tribes doing this constantly.

    Estimated American Indian Population in 1600 was less than 2.1 Million. Today American Indian Population by 2000 census was 2.4+ Million. So if you look at it differently you could say the White Man fought a better war, brought farming to the Americas and fed 200x more people after the dust settled.

    BECAUSE the Native American Indians were NOT the 1st ones here… look it up. Many scholars see Russians and Chinese as the original settlers. Followed by South American migrations after a super volcano erupted.

  10. The Left rallies round anything that can be used to support their cause, even if it doesn’t, and ignores anything that doesn’t.

    Their should be lawsuits filed over this on behalf of the school and students, but there won’t be, the left is never held accountable for their actions and the damage they do to innocent people in the process.

  11. School desegregation and the predicted results. It was never going to work unless certain standards were demanded from all.
    Allowing the narrative of black victimhood to flourish only gave bad behavior a convenient excuse.

  12. Did they flash the “3 pointer” Nazi salute at them? THAT’LL get ’em the death penalty, for certain!!! 🙄

  13. Cycle out all the limp wristed sissies teaching nowadays, with retiring Noncoms from the military police. Issue each one a Rhodesian riot control baton and let the good times roll.

  14. Wheeler Walker the Fag unpersoned himself.

  15. When people are nervous or in uncertain situations… they smile or even laugh a little.
    Why doesn’t anyone understand this very normal behavior?

    For instance… In Catholic school we’d go to Church, and the Priest would take those giant candles, cross them and then place them on your shoulders to bless your throat…. we would all start laughing because they looked like a pair of giant scissors ready to chop your head off. (I think it’s for St. Victor’s day)

  16. I only sampled a few of the videos linked.

    Does anyone find it odd that blacks were the vast majority (if not all) of the perpetrators?

    Abraham Lincoln had it right the first time.

    Just sayin’.

  17. Negros are the new nazis. They can brutalize and murder you whenever they want and the government, entertainment, and news media will have their backs, especially if the victim is white. People have failed to grasp that the degree of brainwashing imposed on the majority of the US public has been profound and incredibly dangerous.

    I for one, do not want to live in a country dominated by a bunch of worthless, stupid, voilent Kunta Kinte motherfuckers. I don’t give a shit who is helping them. As soon as decent people wake up as to why they somehow hate themselves and who planted that seed there, they will set things right and put and end to this. No evil spell can last forever.

  18. What “everyone” is missing is that the Democrat founded and supported KKK was every bit, if not more so, as bigoted against Roman Catholics as they were against blacks.

  19. I did not post this as a rebuke of blacks. I simply searched on youtube Student Attacks Teacher and posted what I found.
    That’s it.

    My agenda was not to make this about race. My agenda was to point out how friggin’ silly the left is being with their outrage over a student smirking at a man.

    If smirking is the most vile offense they saw that day, one that justifies trying to ruin this kid’s life, the mental illness with the left is worse than I suspected.

  20. When I was in Jr. High, one of the idiot kids who was always trying to push the limit to gain attention from his buddies decided to pull a prank. Our young and very beautiful science teacher was conducting class and the kid stands up and askes her what “slut” means. Her jaw almost hit the floor. When she asked him why he had asked that, he pointed to his nearby buddy and said that he had called her a slut at lunch. She told them both to see her in her classroom after school. They thought the fun they had would be worth a few licks with a paddle, but they were in for a surprise. When they entered her classroom at the end of the school day, her giant, athletic coach husband who worked at another school was behind the door. He grabbed the one who made the comment and lifted him off the floor and pinned him against the wall and made like he was going to crush his head in with his fist. He stopped just short and began to explain what would happen if he or anyone else ever said something like that to his wife again. He made them both get on their knees and apologize to his wife before they he literally kicked them in the ass on their way out. As these two idiots told of what had happened to them, they pretended to think it was funny, but those two never said anything inappropriate to that teacher gain.

  21. “…the mental illness with the left is worse than I suspected.” -BFH

    Indeed it is. And it’s not going away any time soon.

  22. A creature cannot be other than his nature.

    The Tiger cannot change his spots.
    The Leopard cannot change his stripes.
    The Scorpion will sting.
    The Rat will defecate and urinate where he eats.

    “Why, on the whole, thou’rt – what thou art.
    Set wigs of million curls upon thy head, to raise thee
    Wear shoes an ell in height, – the truth betrays thee,
    And thou remainest – what thou art.”

    (Mephistopheles – who is little deceived by guise or hypocrisy)

    izlamo delenda est …

  23. Fur — If one ponders the basic facts of every single instance of the Left’s “protest”(s), you will clearly see the mental illness — or at least the absence of any impulse control (which also qualifies as mental disturbance).

    – Screaming obscenities at strangers
    – Threatening violence and injury to strangers
    – Tweeting a call for violence and death threats toward someone you don’t even know.
    – Interrupting a family’s restaurant visit and meal, grabbing their food and throwing it out the door.
    – Hanging nooses on dormitory door knobs and blaming a nonexistent “person” for your act.
    – Spray painting your car/garage/house with racist and Nazi graffiti and blaming a nonexistent person for your acts.
    – Repeatedly screaming “Mr. President! Mr. President! Mr. President!! Are you a racist?!!” in your role as a “reporter”.
    – Carving a swastika in your forehead and blaming a nonexistent person for your act.
    – Telling people you’re a “Native American” in order to gain/enhance your employment or cause.
    – Telling people you were fired upon by an enemy force in order to enhance your political campaign.
    – Being a serial rapist whose calling card is a biting their victim’s lip.
    – Creating “crying rooms”, providing crayons, and generally encouraging the infantilization of people who are supposed to be developing into productive members of society.
    – Publishing a picture of yourself holding up the mock severed head of the President.
    – Smearing yourself with menstrual blood or cooking/brewing foods with your own yeast.
    – Wearing a giant vagina/penis costume in public.
    – Throwing eggs at a defenseless, cornered woman.
    – A group attacking a man in a wheelchair, causing terrible injury to him.
    – Pooping in public — and on a car parked at the curb — in broad daylight — with a perfectly functioning sani-can not 50 feet away.
    – Killing a child in the womb and post-birth “abortion”.
    – Making up fantastic stories about ordinary hand signals, like the “OK” sign.
    – Hollywood
    – Shooting up a baseball field of people whose political views you disagree with, nearly killing one of them and severely injuring others and endangering the lives of children.
    – Beating up your neighbor — causing long-term injury — because he doesn’t share your political views.
    – Destroying and stealing private property.

    (And these are just the things I can think of off the top of my aching head.)

    Not totally insane, but zero impulse control:

    – Going on national tee vee and lying your a$$ off.
    – Staging a “sit in” on the floor of the U.S. congress.
    – Deciding to wear the same color of dress in order to protest at the SOTU.
    – Booing a medal of honor recipient at the SOTU.
    – Using your social media platform to defeat the expression of political views reflecting the founding of the U.S.
    – Using your network/cable tee vee platform to suppress the truth, promote lies and violence against those who do not agree with your political views.

    Without droning on and on — it’s pretty clear the Left is either truly mentally ill and deficient, or have no control over their selfish and misinformed impulses. Both are extremely dangerous to a self-governing nation and these people are not equipped or qualified to be anywhere near a governing body.

  24. BFH: It was not my intention to be racist (or to suggest that you were in your post) in my observation that blacks overwhelmingly dominated the miscreants in your linked videos.

    My sole intention was to point out that blacks are responsible for the majority of teacher attacks in US schools. The fact that your links, randomly gathered, showed that suggests that it is beyond a statistical anomaly.

    Just sayin’.

  25. Comments simply reflect the reality in the schools these days. Ignoring the indisputable facts of who bears most of the responsibility for the bad behavior serves no purpose.
    Unless and until people quit protecting the guilty our schools will remain sewers.
    Nothing is working so maybe shaming them will help.

  26. Years ago I was on duty at the subway station near George Washing High School in upper Manhattan NY City. I saw a young black punk punch and knock to the ground an older man, who was a teacher at GWH. I chased the punk and arrested him. I was in great shape at the time. He was fast, but I was faster. I remember resting on him as I regained my breath, and saying to him, if you try to run you little scumbag, I’ll shoot you. Ah does were the days.. He didn’t run. So I booked him. But the teacher refused to press charges.
    Wonder why? Take a guess. And that was back in the seventies.


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