At least they got a workout…

Patriot Retort:

Wow. Talk about killing the messenger.

But, on the plus side, at least those gals got in a workout.

Imagine how many calories they burned swinging those baseball bats down on the object of their scorn.

Of course, a sledgehammer would have been a better choice. And not just because it’s more destructive. But also because it would deliver a more effective workout.  MORE


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  1. My guess is if there is no proof readily available, there is no problem. Makes the same sound as one hand clapping. The only setback I can see is gravity and surviving in a vertical world.

  2. Hey, I think I’ve seen a few of those woman riding the electric shopping carts at the grocery stores. With an open bag of Cheetos in the basket.

  3. why don’t they just identify as males? The charts probably wouldn’t consider them overweight if they were men.

  4. Goodyear should market a clothing line with their logo largely printed on them. These women are so stupid they wouldn’t get the joke.

  5. After the smashing, the triumphant Heifer Battalion each polished off a gallon of Ben & Jerry’s Extra Fudgy.

    Next up: smashing all those cruel, misogynistic, patriarchal Mirrors…

  6. Maybe the should have used a 2X4, as in “Fatty fatty 2X4 can’t get through the kitchen door……..”

  7. Most of the chicks visible in that photo are not fat, wonder what the connotation might be, is it aspirational participation or are they there to provide inspiration?

  8. My wife went and bought a second digital scale because she didn’t believe the first one.

    I shit you not. At most she must weigh in at a buck twenty five.

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