ATF Goes After Three Teens For………… Jaywalking – IOTW Report

ATF Goes After Three Teens For………… Jaywalking


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  1. I figured the cops had some other reason to question but tough shit, wait another day.
    If they are carrying illegal, get them another time.
    Once they were in the house, IF they had a gun, they would not by the time they came back out.

    Most likely the cops were fishing which always gets tossed out.

  2. …they are highly proficient at shooting dogs, too.

    ht tps://

  3. The situation is unusual but the attitude displayed by cops (not real cops, ATF clowns) is not.

    The mom should not have engaged these bums. She should have closed the door and gone inside. And she for sure should not have given them her name.

    The fact that the cops pushed it, then called for backup when things went south, these the exact type of folks we don’t need in positions of authority.

    Fortunately, with body cams and civilians always filming their interactions, the bad apples are slowly (too slowly in my opinion) getting weeded out.

  4. Gee, it would be too bad if “something” were to “happen” to those two orificers.

  5. Having lived and worked in Lorain, the arm pit and butt crack of Ohio, this was intended to harass and intimidate. Typical Lorain cop behavior and it doesn’t matter if the person is Black, White, Hispanic.
    The criminal justice system in Lorain is primarily criminal with a small amount of justice thrown in.

  6. The ATF officer will be a new recruit for the IRS, just the kind of people they are looking for.
    Willing to shoot you for a $2 tax error.

  7. This kind of thing has happened in our town more than once.
    Years ago before the illegals actually gave the cops something to do.

  8. I generally support law enforcement and have never been arrested in my life. I do, however, carry a clip-on bodycam with an instant on feature in my glove box. Every interaction with a LEO will be recorded. They cannot be trusted, unfortunately. Also, the ATF hires only the most unhinged individuals society has to offer. Most of them belong in mental wards. Never utter a word to them. Never open your door to them. Always video them. Always control your dog when one is near. They will kill your dog for no reason and laugh about it.

  9. That’s my home town. We affectionately pronounce it low-rain. Lived the for the first 30 years of my life. Ford plant closed, gm plant had already closed in Elyria, gypsum plant closed, ship yards closed, steel mill is a shell of its former self,etc etc. Hard to believe all those years of democrat rule things didn’t turn out better. You can imagine how things have deteriorated since the 80’s. Luckily, I sold my house when the marked was hot in 2001 😉


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