ATF pumps brakes on wetted nitrocellulose reclassification The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has walked back an announcement it now viewed wetted nitrocellulose as a high explosive and will work with the firearms industry on clarification.

In the agency’s June 2016 Explosives Industry Newsletter, ATF determined that nitrocellulose– also known as flash cotton or guncotton– containing greater than 12.6 percent nitrogen is a high explosive and had to be stored moving forward in a Type 1 or 2 magazine, adding a new level of control and oversight in its transport. In its wet state, nitrocellulose was considered safe to handle and ship and relatively inert, needing to be dried before use. This changed the logistics of acquiring a component used in propellant and ammunition production which had before then not been considered an explosive material.

As pointed out in a press release from Washington D.C.-based defense industry law firm Reeves & Dola, the move was puzzling.  MORE

11 Comments on ATF pumps brakes on wetted nitrocellulose reclassification

  1. Some BO appointee moron wanted to get
    ammo out of the hands of the public.
    The numnuts probably got an earfull
    from the military once the generals
    figured out there would be a huge
    drop in the DOD’s ability to buy
    ammo due to the shortages this bogus
    rule would cause.

  2. ATF shoots from the hip, not knowing or investigating prior to making their political determination regarding nitrocellulose.

    Their political reasoning: If Americans can buy guns we’ll make ammunition so regulated and costly that the manufacturers cannot comply. Then the guns are useless if people have no ammunition and no longer a danger to oppressive, progressive government.

    Thanks again, Obama and the political hacks at the ATF.

    Hey ATF, are you still running guns to the Mexican drug cartel?
    Why wasn’t Eric Holder or any ATF people indicted and prosecuted for this criminal activity?

  3. They used to use NC in photographic film.

    Nitrocellulose X-ray film ignition was the cause behind the Cleveland Clinic fire of 1929 in Cleveland, Ohio, which claimed the lives of more than 129 people.

  4. This edict is nothing but a backdoor bureaucratic attempt at gun control via the destruction of the
    industry making smokeless powder. The regulations
    that BATFEces seek to impose would place such a huge
    burden on everyone involved that the price of ammunition
    would become insane….to the point that it would not be
    economically viable to produce in America. Once all
    manufacturers of smokeless powder are driven bankrupt you
    ban the import of such powder….for ‘safety reasons’ of course. Then you have defacto gun control as no powder equals no ammunition which means guns are useless….eventually. There is no mystery behind what happened and why.

    BATFEces is backpedaling because they are afraid to impose this NOW. Because they can’t be certain Cankles
    will win and if Trump wins this episode might be used by
    Trump to invoke his catchphrase of ‘your fired’. So they wait. This hasn’t gone away….it’s merely been delayed.

  5. They do this shit from time to time hoping someone’s not paying attention. If no one notices, it becomes law or it becomes “a decision”.

  6. These leftist scum in every branch of government chipping away at our laws and traditional rights is akin to a plague carrying rodent infestation. There are no tools in government to stop them, which is why they are always gaining ground.

  7. I have an old Ramset tool that uses nitrocellulose tablets. Another company is marketing the same concept now and this might cause them a lot of problems.

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