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ATF Says U.S. Gun Retailers Can Offer Curbside Service During Quarantine

PJ Media:

The United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) on Friday issued a statement making it easier for federally-licensed gun dealers to stay open and provide essential services while “safe distance” protocols are still in effect.

CTV News:

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) announced on Friday that federally licensed firearms businesses could carry out transactions through drive-up windows and temporary booths in their parking lots or other parts of their property. Those transactions include verifying customer identity, completing paperwork, accepting payment and delivering firearms and ammunition.

“An FFL may carry out the requested activities through a drive-up or walk-up window or doorway where the customer is on the licensee’s property on the exterior of the brick and mortar structure at the address listed on the license,” the guidance states. read more

22 Comments on ATF Says U.S. Gun Retailers Can Offer Curbside Service During Quarantine

  1. Thank you, federal overlords for your beneficent kindness. Jackasses.

  2. couldn’t you just imagine a Mel’s or a Mighty Mo style drive-in where the roller girls would come up & serve your order of a 1911 .45 & a Ruger Mini 14 on the side, or a nice Beretta 10mm with an Orange Freeze sprinkled w/ a few boxes of cartridges, on a tray & attach it to your car door?

    …. ahhhhh, the memorie

    btw, anyone think this would happen under a D’rat administration?

  3. Better check your insurance coverage before doing that.

  4. Right on!

    The kids want one of these, I told them we would get it ordered in the spring. I’ve been trying to get it ordered for the last two weeks.

    It takes the stock modules, so it can grow with them. The little ones are about grown out of their Davey Crickets now. We saw a little guy with one of these last fall and it was perfect.

  5. LOL, that should make some liberal heads explode.

  6. @JDH ~ the Ruger 10/22’s a sweet little fun gun … especially for the kids
    for what it’s worth, I highly recommend it for ’em

    @gen j glover ~ ever load one of those wall-hangers? cranking rounds into them is an ‘acquired skill’ … just sayin’

  7. I hadn’t had one for some time, but when I saw the 11165 I couldn’t resist. French Walnut and 20 inch slick barrel.

    I had to special order it and while waiting for it to come in I walked into the Cabela’s store and they had had the Stainless Target Laminated on closeout for $299
    I had a brand new silver 4-16 Nitrex TR1 scope sitting at home already… so now I have two 10/22s.

    That 11165 is such a pretty rifle it steals the show every time I have it at the range.

    They both love 36 grain Mini Mag HP and it makes it nice that my other 22s do too. These two shoot about 5/8 inch groups with it at 50 yards

  8. Something seems a little fishy about facilitating gun purchases in this anti-gun climate in America.

    It seems to me like a mackerel in the moonlight.

  9. About those nice Ruger 10/22s – I’ve got my eye on the takedown model to which I’ll add their ISB, and integrally suppressed barrel that swaps right in easy-peasy.

    My hesitation is because what I REALLY would like to have is an integrally suppressed AR platform in 9mm. That would be only *gasp* triple to quadruple the price of the Ruger.

    Decisions, decisions.

  10. @ Uncle Al April 12, 2020 at 11:43 pm

    I have a buddy who has an integrally suppressed Ruger Semi Auto Pistol. It is fun to shoot in his basement.

    Speaking of ARs we have a little dinky carbine that I am going to tear apart and put one of these on as soon as I get a couple small parts.

  11. @ ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ – yes, once. So, we all need expertise in something, no?

    And yes I understand loading takes TIME.

    BUT that is what a converter is for…(sssh).

  12. This could become cool. Uber delivery of firearms and ammunition. UberShoots. GunHub. I like the way this is headed!

  13. I’m probably the only idiot around that can’t stand a 1022. I bought one about 30 years ago, shot it twice and sold it. I replaced it with a 9422 that was in on consignment. What a sweet gun. And man has that thing appreciated.

  14. I am with you Brad… but like glocks.. people who love them will regardless. 1022s are the same. Many love them and there are some of us that are …. meh! I have a number of old Remington 22s that shoot great….. No semis all bolts.

  15. Crackerbaby

    Winchester is a lever gun. I love lever guns. And SAAs

  16. @ Bad_Brad-
    We speak the same language. I have a few as well.
    Marlin 39A made in 1977 in 99% condition
    Winchester 94 in 30 WCF made in early 1940’s in 95%
    Savage 99 in 308 95%
    Browning BLR in 308
    Marlin 1895 Stainless Guide Gun in 45-70, not for sissies
    Next to go in the safe will be a 44 mag, either the Win 1892 or Marlin 1894 octagonal bbl.

  17. @ Bad_Brad APRIL 13, 2020 AT 12:28 AM

    I have a 94/22 in LR & one in Mag. We love them here. My first 10/22 was not that accurate, it was stolen In 1980 and I didn’t have one again until 2017. Now we have the two.

    I turned a buddy on to 94/22s 30 years ago and he has a dozen in different guises. Trappers, magnums, most have old Lyman sights on them.

    My favorite 22 is a Kimber 82 Mini Classic I got ~ 1989—22lr.cfm?gun_id=101085911

    I won a bunch of small bore silhouette matches with it shooting against pretty tough competition and have taken it to Montana so many times to shoot prairie dogs that I have lost count.

  18. JDHasty

    A 9422M, in good condition, fetches about 10k


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