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Atheist Granted Final Wish – To Be Baptized


A terminally ill man who spent most of his life as an atheist was baptized five days before he passed away from lung cancer on September 9th.

Wheelchair-bound and unable to breathe without oxygen tubes, Thomas Roberts nevertheless wanted to be baptized by full immerson [sic], according to his beliefs.

He was surrounded by family when Corey Agricola, a chaplain at the University of Alabama Birmingham Hospital, baptized him in a pool at a rehabilitation center. Agricola described the baptism as the “greatest day” in his 20-year ministry career. More

I’m reminded of the footprints in the sand poem – Dr. Tar

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  1. …doesn’t say in the article if he was saved and declared himself as belonging to Jesus. I pray that he did, and it was real, and he’s with the Lord as we speak.

    Baptism is just a ceremony, it’s symbolic and necessary, but it is NOT salvation. I love chaplains, but they do NOT save you, only the Lord does.

    If you’re baptized without coming to the Lord, you only got wet for no reason. It’s like when ‘Obama’ got the Nobel Prize, it’s just a ceremony for Man that everyone ultimately knows in their heart, means nothing.

    …Heaven doesn’t depend on other people’s opinion of you. Only ONE opinion counts, and between you and Him, things MUST be right.

    …I hope it WAS, for his sake…

  2. Too scared to use my fake name
    OCTOBER 3, 2019 AT 4:35 PM
    “Now that’s eternal life insurance and the cost has already ben paid in full…”

    …the Lord paid the full cost for us long ago, on Calvary. The policy is only in force, however, if we accept the gift from Him, in His Name.

    That’s the only way…

  3. Now, that’s baptism (immersion by definition). Dripping a few drops of water on a baby doesn’t count.

  4. @supernightshade

    Are you suggesting that I am an “antinomian”?

    If so I reject you faster than Trump calls schriff shifty!

  5. 7 In the same way, I tell you that there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous ones who do not need to repent. ~ Luke 15:7

  6. The atheist says, “There is no god, and I hate him so much.”
    The dyslexic atheist says, “There is no dog.”

  7. @too scared to use my fake name,

    Your antinomian remark is more ironically funny than the hippy command to “Question Authority.”

  8. too scared to use my fake name
    OCTOBER 3, 2019 AT 5:07 PM

    “Are you suggesting that I am an “antinomian”?”

    ..I am only stating the Word:

    “8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

    9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.

    10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.”
    Ephesians 2:8-10

    “5 Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost;

    6 Which he shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Saviour;

    7 That being justified by his grace, we should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life.”
    Titus 3:5-7

    …this is what you would reject, not me.

    …works FOLLOW salvation, not CAUSE it. Evil works can LOSE salvation, if you chose to take yourself out of His hand, but good works do not GRANT it.

    …I don’t save, nor do you save yourself, nor does any minister, clergy, priest or chaplain.

    Only The Lord saves, and to HIM be the glory.

    This man may well have been saved, and the angels rejoice if he was. But it’s to the Lord’s credit, and no one else’s, if he was. My only point is that it is not in the article, and that the Lord does not get the glory he is due as a result.

    Praise Jesus for His salvation. God blessed that man, if he found it. It’s never too late as long as he has breath, for ANY of us…

  9. @Chance — thanks for the reminder, brother. We all need to hear that every day. Repent and turn away from sin. Every day. Thank you.

  10. The man who baptized me (FULL IMMERSION!) long ago fell away from the Lord.

    Plus, I’m the only one on my side of the family who goes to church anymore.

    Friend me at your own eternal peril…


  11. Just like the most distinguished
    Roman Emperor Constantine
    who was baptized and became a Catholic


    Only while he was dying !

    Just in case !

    Prior to that he was a lifelong

    Sol Invictus cult believer.

  12. In the beginning,,,
    Hey there Eve, would you mind tossing me that apple?
    Don’t worry about it.
    It’s what counts in the end,,

  13. No Blushes – Adam may have said that after a while, but I’m pretty sure his first words were: “Stand back, I don’t know how big this is gonna get!”

  14. I’ve always found curious, the notion that once saved, a sinner can then somehow work himself out of a gift he was completely unable to work himself into. A gift bestowed upon him by Christ. Our Lord clearly attests to the permanence of salvation, in John 3:16. He declares, once more, in John 10:28-29, the authoritative power of both He, and His Father, to preserve this gift. Continuing on, He unequivocably declares “no man” is able to to pluck that salvation away. A decidedly all-inclusive statement encompassing, by default, the lowly sinner, himself.

    I am oft tempted to proclaim those who commit egregious sins, after professing salvation, must not have been really saved to begin with. Such assertion, however, is not really spiritually logical (nor even mine to make). Through firsthand observation, and, sad to say, personal experience, all of we who have been saved, continue to sin. Every single one of us. Granted, mostly in small ways, though, some not so small, but we sin. Many of those observed, and with myself also, simultaneously performed good works, some even great, reaching into eternity. In The Word, our Creator does not count one sin greater than another (save for one, which is unto death…rejecting Christ), each would work to prevent our entering into the Father’s presence. Yet, when our Lord calls us forth for presentation to His Father, we will be covered by His sacrificial offering, effectually washing our sin away. When the Lord accepted the Cross, He did so for all the sins of Man, including those now reading these words, and indeed, the rest of extant humanity. Sins, all of which were in the future, for sinners He already knew the count of.

    This man, a life-long atheist, as did the thief on the cross, seeing his mortality, looked to and embraced Christ. I will not judge the truth of it. Christ claimed that authority exclusively to Himself. As for me, I can only know certainty for myself, and pray for the rest.

    I’ve rambled on enough. God Bless and Keep you all along the roads you travel!

    ROM 3:10
    ROM 3:23
    ROM 5:12
    ROM 5:8
    ROM 6:23
    ROM 10:9-10
    ROM 10:13

  15. Imagine you are dying of kidney failure but a co-worker finds out they are the perfect match to be a donor, and they come to you and offer the gift. And to their amazement, you turn it down. It seems ludicrous. Yet we are offered eternal life all the time yet many refuse the gift.

    I believe all the garbage that is happening today is part of an epic plan to see where you, me, and everyone will stand when your decision affects a job, friends, inclusiveness, and maybe, the ability to conduct business.

    But some day we all will be at the end of our life on earth, and if you haven’t accepted that Gift and are blessed enough to have the time to do it, you can be part of the salvation plan. But what if your demise comes with little time to make that decision?

    Black, white, rich, poor, young, old; everyone can be saved no matter how vile our pasts. And in a world where evil is pervasive such that it is today, why would you even read the next thread without turning it all over to God?

    The next 5 minutes of your life is not guaranteed.

  16. Imagine that, living the life of a fraud and realizing you fucked up??

    Okay, let me in now…I am VERY scared. My life was screwed up! No god? DO NOT PASS GO without going through a heavy Purgatory.

    If anything this, soul was struggling while alive.

  17. Still throwin’ fastballs just above the strike zone…

    should know better than to comment in a religious themed post – nobody is having any fun…


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