Atlanta Braves Cave To One Offended Cardinals Player and Dispenses With the Red Foam Tomahawk

They didn’t hand out the foam tomahawk to fans preceding the deciding game in the national league division playoff. The Cardinals promptly scored 10 runs in the first inning – a post season record.



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  1. congrats to the Washington Nats … defeated the LA Dodgers on a 7-3 comeback, hitting 2 HR’s in the 8th to tie & a grand slam in the 10th to win

    pitching management was not good for the Dodgers … just like the Braves

  2. Almost as satisfying as the Falcons in the Resistance Super Bowl.

    “The city too busy to hate”?

    How about “the city too sissy to chop”.

  3. I think George Wallace (not the gov. of AL, but the black comedian) had some wise words for those of us that followed Atlanta sports about 30 years ago. As part of his comedy act (when both the braves and falcons were totally pathetic) he coined a new slogan of “Go Braves …. and take the Falcons with you”.

    Both teams have better talent now, but they have become chokers of the highest order.

  4. agree w/ a comment made by a Breitbard commenter … mascots are chosen because of their bravery, tenacity & fierceness

    today’s teams should just name themselves the ‘appeasers’, the ‘snowflakes’, the ‘up-twinkles’, the ‘kitty cats’ (as opposed to downright ‘pussies’), ‘little baby num-nums’, ‘castrated eunuchs’, ‘soy boys’, ‘bints’, ‘trans-metrosexuals’ …. ‘poundmetoo’ (as in #MeToo; fits, don’t it?) …

  5. Seriously?

    Well Helsley, I just want you to know no hard feelings, and we can all get along.

    If I saw you tomorrow, I might even say “hi how are ya’, hi how are ya'”.

    Get over yourself.

  6. Continuing ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ’s list:

    thumb suckers, sugar lumps, tweety birds, twinky twats, soggy bottoms, wet pants, crotch wedgies, wee wee peepers, soggy diapers, momma’s boys, milk babies, baby hueys, titty lips, late bloomers, numb nuts, no nuts, and fug nuts.

  7. It’s almost, not quite, of course (the horror shudder), but almost, like mass market propaganda entertainment, all mass market “entertainment”, hates you. Because you’re you. Oh… I mean because you’re “deplorable”. And “Nazi”. And “-ist”. And give us your money, please now.

  8. There was a reason that the Dodgers used to be called da Bums when they were in Brooklyn because they choked a lot in games like last night. I’ve never been an Atlanta Braves fan and I’m glad the Cardinals beat them resoundingly. My son told me a joke last night when I called him when the Dodgers were up 3-0 early on. What’s the difference between guns and liberals? Guns only have one trigger. Sorry that the Dodgers lost but it’s better for baseball to have Washington and St. Louis in the NLCS. And I hate the Yankees a lot and hope that they will lose just because. Go National League!

  9. Have you ever BEEN to an Indian Reservation? I worked in a school in Pine Ridge, SD (Lakota) once, and that’s ALL the kids wore; jackets & jerseys from the;

    – Chicago Blackhawks
    – Kansas City Chiefs
    – Washington Redskins
    – Atlanta Braves
    – Cleveland Indians

    Drove their AIM grandparents nuts, but THEY appropriated it, as something that made Indians look “cool” to the outside world! 😳

  10. Americans going to a baseball game, getting a little foam novelty at the gate, etc. can be a lot of fun. The left needs to put a stop to that.

  11. Molon Labe – we actually lived that horror show here in NOLA. Our Minor League baseball team used to be named the Zephyrs, after a well-known amusement park roller coaster ride. Some IDIOT in marketing a couple years back changed the name to The Babycakes! They coulda got away with The King Cakes but BABYCAKES???? Their attendance figures plummeted and now the team got sold off to some Libtard shithole Up North, the poor bastards.

    Supposedly a new minor league team will come into town. I for one hope they’ll take a team name that reflects NOLA’s tenacity & grittiness. Bourbon Street Bastards, French Quarter Vomit, Corrupt Cajuns, New Orleans Muggers, Nightly Gunshot Victim – those would be my choices.


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