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Georgia: FBI Looking For Dollar Store Robber

Breaking 911: ATLANTA—FBI Atlanta is asking for the public’s help to identify an armed robber who is targeting dollar stores in the Atlanta area.

In a nine-day period in July, the suspect robbed seven businesses in Rockdale County, Fulton County, and Clayton County. In all of the robberies the suspect brandished a firearm and demanded money from the cash register. From witness accounts and surveillance video it has been determined the suspect is driving a silver Dodge Avenger(2008-14) and a white Honda Accord(2008-14).

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  1. Has Kavanaugh been in Atlanta recently? This sounds exactly like the acts of a man desperate to change the topic.

  2. 3rd Twin,
    I think you are correct. He’s a college graduate just trying to pay off his $200,000 tuition debt. Major? Rocket Science, I bet.

  3. ARMED robbery is a federal crime…. IIRC.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  4. Dollar General, the bottom feeders of retail, choose the ghetto dwellers as their target market. So, how’s that working out for them?

  5. Do any of these bozos ever rob payday loan places? Talk about extortionate interest rates as well as being legal loan sharks on simple loans or are they as dependent upon them as they are EBT cards. I could be a millionaire if I had no conscience and opened one of these places or the ones where you borrow on the value of their POS car. Morons, it’s all whitey’s fault cuz he gots all the bread and they don’t so they got to steal in order to have any in the first place.

  6. He must be going from state to state robbing dollar stores. Probably started his spree in Mississippi and followed I-20 to Atlanta. Hence the FBI involvement. I’d be watching the dollar stores in Augusta, GA and Columbia, SC.

  7. Looks like about every other guy in DC.
    And Atlanta.
    And Chicago.
    And Detroit.
    And St. Louis.
    And Gary.
    And LA.
    And Portland.
    And Kansas City.

    Shit. Pick em all up – sort em out later.
    Oh, wait … that only works for deplorables.

    izlamo delenda est …


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