Atlanta police continue to make arrests connected to demonstrations


While large public demonstrations have dissipated in recent weeks, the Atlanta Police Department continues to investigate and arrest people seen committing crimes in the thick of the protests.

In a Facebook post Thursday, APD announced that 12 people had been identified, arrested and charged with crimes committed during the demonstrations across Atlanta earlier this summer. The list of arrests included seven people accused of looting the Nike store at Lenox Square and a man charged with arson, property damage and inciting a riot May 29. The other four arrests were previously unreported.

The latest occurred Monday as Atlanta police took 22-year-old Desai Billingsley into custody and charged him with felony burglary and felony interference with government property.


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6 Comments on Atlanta police continue to make arrests connected to demonstrations

  1. They are not arresting anyone for being connected to any demonstration, they are being arrested for rioting.

  2. Good for them! That is called law enforcement. I salute the ladies and gentlemen of APD for their perseverance and hard work!

  3. Yeah, AJC should’ve said riots. But I don’t know how they roll politically, so calling them ‘demos’ may have been their way of being snippy while reporting. lol

  4. MJA, AJC is a leftist rag. Has been for decades. It used to be a big, hefty paper, delivered all over metro Atlanta. Now, it’s a thin stack of ads wrapped in a commie editorial page which nobody reads. I don’t think they even deliver outside the city limits anymore.

    I had a white lefty friend from high school who started out delivering AJC papers, worked his way up to running a subscription sales crew, then up to a sales manager. He used to scoff at the idea that newspapers were slanted to the left, saying all the corporate types he knew were crusty old racist white men. He was contemptuous of those old white racists and openly mocked their management practices, right up until the day they fired him and replaced him a flaming gay white guy.

  5. Let “the word” get out. You can only get away with the looting and burning for a short time before your social media face gets tagged and flagged and your door gets kicked in by a guy with a warrant.

  6. Mayor Bottoms can posture all she wants for the Black-Female VP slot .

    But GA law is clear on this. Failing / Avoiding to uphold the law is in itself a violation of the law. Doing so for political reason is clear obstruction of Justice and Police Officers and Elected Officials can be arrested by the GBI.

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