ATM Thief Blows Himself Up

He did it to honor George Floyd.



A man died while trying to blow up an ATM in North Philadelphia early Tuesday as thieves blew up or stole cash machines across the city overnight in what authorities believe was an “organized” and “coordinated” effort, police said.

The 24-year-old, whose name has not been released, suffered trauma to his upper body after placing an explosive in a sidewalk-facing ATM outside a sports bar along North 2nd Street near Susquehanna Avenue around 6:15 a.m., Philadelphia police said.

Medics rushed the man to a nearby hospital where he died a couple hours later.

Police found live explosives at the scene and focused their investigation on the blasted ATM, debris on the street and on a vehicle parked nearby.

Nearby residents and those living in neighborhoods across the city heard blasts as looting in the wake of George Floyd protests continued for a fourth day.


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  1. Too bad. He was just getting his life turned around and was going to med school in the fall. Or was it studying to be a minister. Oh well. Whatever.

  2. Too bad, (not really), all his friends said he was the bomb.
    Do the youngsters still use that term? Oh well, he has now joined the islamist suicide bomber who decided to work from home.

  3. A remarkable display of self-sacrifice, worthy of emulating.

    (Except just do it in the middle of the street. Okay? It’s what George would have wanted.)

  4. The Immutable Law of Unintended Consequences strikes again!

    Plus, Karma is a bitch…………then you marry her.

  5. “Medics rushed the man to a nearby hospital where he died a couple hours later.”

    …which is to say he probably lay there a goodish while before the police retook the area, then the ambulance was delayed going in and getting out by his friends, only to be deposited in an overwhelmed and understaffed hospital because his friends made it tough for staff to get there and loaded it with themsevles and innocent victims of their idiocity, so he probably died on a gurney in a corridor after triage determined he wasn’t quickly salvagable IF he was even SEEN because rioters had degraded the hospital’s abilities to Third World status, made it impossible to get to a Level 1 trauma center, and made it too dangerous to use a helicopter to medivac him, but sure, let’s go with “Medics rushed the man to a nearby hospital” so no one realizes that riots have deadly and sometimes suicidal consequences, plus it doesn’t take NEARLY as long to SAY…

  6. “Medics rushed the man to a nearby hospital where he died a couple hours later.”

    I wonder if they used multiple ambulances?

  7. Anonymous
    JUNE 3, 2020 AT 3:34 PM
    ““Medics rushed the man to a nearby hospital where he died a couple hours later.”

    I wonder if they used multiple ambulances?”

    …maybe. I’ve had calls where a person had a traumatic amputation and the part couldn’t be immediately found, so the primary unit takes him to the hospital to deal with the immediate problem while the first responder and secondary searches, ultimately bringing it separately for the docs to replace if possible. Still has to happen pretty quickly because they have to treat the wound differently if they’re gonna stub it vs. try to replace it as the vessels need to be there for reperfusion and the tissues will degrade, but you’ve got an hour or so on skeletal muscles in moderate conditions, so it really depends on the surgeon’s patience, liklihood you’ll bring him something usable soon, extent and character of stub damage (cleanly incised vs. avulsed off vs. macerated) and, of course, the patient’s wishes to the extent they can be medically accomodated.

    Explosions damage a few different ways, depending on the material used, your distance from it, what it’s being used in, and how you placed it. I’m assuming thus fellow hadn’t spent any time with the Bomb Squad, so proably a pretty unschooled effort with an IED, maybe gasoline and gunpowder (fireworks have been common during these riots) and whatever else came to hand, perhaps an LP tank or kerosene if somewhere such things are sold was nearby. Obviously his timing device wasn’t very good or he was a poor runner, but either way he sounds like he was close, so you’d expect burns, wound channels, macerations, and avulsions from the shrapnel (reports say there was debris in the area from it, so likely a good bit of fragmentation), but the WORST damage from overpressure if it went off in his hands or he was fool enough to be nearby.

    Overpressure, or Blast Overpressure, is the way an explosion rapidly and dramatically compresses the air around it to beyond human tolerable limits, generally considered to be around 60 PSI. In some cases an overinflated tire has killed when it popped by overpressure alone. This blows out your eardrums and maybe your eyes, pops your lungs, and causes ancillary closed chest and closed head damage from these routes, to say nothing of the head trauma you’ll get from being blown backwards by it, since you’ll probably ragdoll into the pavement pretty hard. Depending on your proximity and where your heart is in it’s rhythm, you can even end up with traumatic arrhythmias as it mechanically can act like a precordial thump and cause EMD that way.

    Either way, there’s plenty of reasons this would kill you, even if you DIDN’T have to drive through a riot both ways to the hospital.

    Probably better to NOT, you know, try to blow ATMs up, but what do I know.

    …so yes, he COULD have gone to the hospital in multiple ambulances.

    But probably NOT, given resource limitations and a most likely very obviously poor prognosis…

  8. …I almost forgot, there are people that might be dumb enough to make binary/trinary chemical explosives with household chemicals at a riot, and could even be dumb enough to try one or two variants on an ATM. Most of these won’t damage an ATM because they’re not potent enough to directly damage steel, but because of their chemistry (which I’m not gonna get into here) their detonation time is VERY unpredictable and you’re left with parts of the material and objects and bystanders covered in hydrochloric acid too, so maybe chemical burns as well as secondary exposure issues for the responders as the HCL will still be there when they attempt the rescue…

    …haven’t heard much about these types lately but they’re pretty well known in anarchist circles as they are easily made, but maybe today’s busy Antifa isn’t as into them as the punks were in my day, or maybe the media just isn’t sharing…

  9. So, the Philadelphia Police Department has definitely identified one of the protesters. This was good police work. It appears from the video that his confederates were able to complete his withdrawal. Does this mean that he didn’t die in vain? Surely his fellow protesters will share some of the money that he sacrificed his life for with his bereaved family. It’s the City of Brotherly Love and Free Stuff after all.


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