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AT&T Reportedly Looking to Sell CNN


Rumors are swirling once again that AT&T may be looking to shed some dead weight in the form of selling the “Airport Network.”

A recent report in the Wall Street Journal stated that CNN was on track to miss revenue targets by a massive $100-120 million this year, a figure significant in both dollar value and as a percentage of revenue for a network expected to bring in just under $800 million in ad revenue this year.

Appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox Business’ Charles Gasparino pointed out that in addition to the network already struggling to hit revenue targets, if the media-projected election results do materialize, they risk losing the segment of their audience chronically suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. “CNN [would] not have Donald Trump to kick around anymore and their ratings will take a hit.” read more

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  1. @MissInMi: Best idea I’ve heard all decade. If they haven’t thought of it already, though, I’d be surprised.

  2. Heard the Trump speculation today. Besides the enjoyment of watching Fredo, Don Luh-mon and Jake Crapper shit and piss themselves, the other bonus is that Trump could keep the same initials and logo. It would become the Conservative News Network.

    Liberal heads exploding in 3,2,1…

  3. I hope Tater and Tapper are sweating bullets. It’d be great to see them doing basement podcasts in Trump’s second term.

  4. CNN has at least one asset worth something: their HQ building in Atlanta. Some rich patriot ought to get hold of that and turn it into a Conservative Patriot Cultural Center, with a gun shop and shooting range in the basement.

  5. MissInMi – That would be awesome. Buy, then change the name to Conservative News Network, fire all the assholes that ever bad mouthed him and bring in Gutfeld, Watters, Bartiromo and Tucker. Win effing Win.

    Dammit, Stirrin, didn’t see that you mentioned Conservative News Network…not stealing from ya.

  6. Funny timing, but I suppose if AT&T put CNN up ahead of November 3rd it would have been “election interference” as it would have impacted a wing of the Demo party

  7. @stirrin the pot, @Chuckie: But if you REALLY want to see Liberal heads explode, name it the Confederate News Network.

  8. It’s all good Chuckie. I’ve inadvertently “stolen” from many people over the years. It happens to the best of us. 😉

  9. Can you imagine the TNN network broadcasting the true video of BLM violence in EVERY airport? Every 15 mins? Same for Hunter Biden laptop data? The COVID truth about Gov Cuomo? Maybe Fauci contradicting himself three times in a row?

    Or a Tucker/Hannity show to a captive audience waiting for a plane


  10. Fox is moving farther in that direction. If they want to pick up the CNN talent, to speed them on their way, they better move fast.

  11. @ Vietvet Confederated News Network.
    Then he covers all the states, so all of us can be in it, and report on the crap those of that live in blue states are having to put up with.

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