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Attack of the Zombie Never Trumpers!

Who knew that Rich Lowry and Jonah Goldberg and Erick Erickson were still alive?

Emerald Robinson:

Word reached my ears in the last few weeks that a group of people who are technically still alive but long dead in the world of conservative media can be heard moaning about me again. It’s the Attack of the Zombie Never Trumpers!

Many of them crawled out of their graves recently to claim that my piece on the suspicious Georgia primary elections was crazy! A half-baked conspiracy theory — they said! Pure insanity — they whined!

Of course, obvious election fraud in Georgia was uncovered the very next day. And then more election fraud took place openly in Fulton County a few days later. In fact, DeKalb County and Fulton County have both had their elections results overturned long after the primaries were over!

Timing is just not a thing for the zombie Never Trumpers.

The triple-chinned Erick Erickson was the first to set aside his failed theology studies — along with his personal war against carbs — to attack me in his Substack blog. MORE

10 Comments on Attack of the Zombie Never Trumpers!

  1. Ya gotta hand it to ’em, they woke the dead…

    just to vote democRAT!

    Not the first time at that rodeo tho!

  2. Oh boy! Don’t mess with Emerald!
    She’s more articulate and uses actual facts in her articles.
    And she can outdo those beta males in the insults too.

  3. Say what you will about Erick Erickson, but he is one tenacious dingleberry here in Georgia. He presents himself as the authority on Georgia politics, and he is the voice of the state Uniparty, speaking from his 12-3 time slot on WSB radio, which he was given after the death of Rush. I have not tuned in since then and content myself with the knowledge that Erickson is a ratings disaster for the station and will hopefully get that CNN gig he always wanted.

  4. We knew who the never Trumpers were from the beginning in 2016 and throughout his Presidency. Trump has picked up thousands of more people who will not vote for him – mainly his stance on jabs. He lost a lot of his base back in January when he pushed his jab once again. He can’t admit that his Operation Warp Speed was a disaster. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t hear of some young person dropping dead or dying in their sleep…possibly from the jab. The conservative voice in media died when Rush bit the dust. With Rush, he didn’t lie to you nor hide info like we see from other so-called “conservative” news agencies. I’m voting for DeSantis.

  5. How many of “them”? Will you “help” into the boxcars?

    That’s what we knew. No I’m not paying you for your Bolshevik feelz.

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