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Attention Massachusetts Conservatives

Conservative state representative candidates are desperately needed.
Is it you? Do you know someone who is interested? There’s a way you can get trained in a political ‘boot camp’ and get your names on the ballot:

Paul Craney, director of joins Howie to tell us how to go through the process of getting on the ballot and encourage people to get involved.

LET’S GO!!! <—- Click on the website! Come on. Dooo iiiiiiit!!!

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  1. Better chance of finding Bigfoot at a poker game with his friends Yeti, Chupacabra, and Loch Ness running the wet bar.

  2. “Do you swear your allegiance to this empty throne? To obey whatever” (pronouns matter) “the Bolsheviks set on it? Now, in the future, and forever more?”

    Welcome! To the Loyal Opposition!

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