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Attorney General: Women Who Don’t Want Men In Their Bathrooms Are Jim Crow Bigots

Ladies, you’re the Bull Connors of the bathroom.


DailyWire: So says Attorney General Loretta Lynch – who, by her own standard, may or may not be  a woman, depending on her feelings at the moment — who explained on Monday that the North Carolina law giving businesses the liberty to maintain sex-specific bathrooms across the state was in fact in violation of federal law. Lynch says that the law constitutes discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – discrimination on the basis of sex. Yes, that’s precisely what the Civil Rights Act creators thought when they wrote it: that men had to be protected from women who insisted that men were men, and who objected to seeing penises in their restrooms.  more

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  1. Seriously: this is soooooooooooooooo insane, I wonder if the best way to fight it — especially with our federal attorney general — is not with humor.

    Demand a legal definition of indecent exposure in a restroom or shower, for example. Obviously, showing “it” is no longer a problem… Right? What about waving “it” around…? Playing with “it” until it “gets bigger…? Is that a crime? Is leering a crime? Are there comments that might be made to little girls that would concern someone of the stature of our attorney general….?

    Concerned citizens need guidance about how to handle this “sensitive” issue (and the bitch needs to give some thought to what she should be doing all day long, instead of pontificating about this stupidity). Call her on it. …..Lady in Red

  2. Damn the senate for accepting this counter-justice horror show. Damn congress for their complicity in the loss of sanity and the growth of totataitarian government.

    Just think, even if Clinton is charged, tried, found guilty, and serves a jail sentence, her resume will not include harsh criminal terms, i.e. felon, & etc., or does she have to be a real black.

    Of course, we all know Obama’s last hurrah will pardon all his criminal homies.

  3. So just install a porta-potty on the lawn with a sign:
    Perverts and the mentally unstable only.

    Once again, the Gay activists want a firewall between sexual disorders and freedom to be perverse in public.
    If gender assignment disorder is actually a mental illness, then what of being homosexual?
    It’s a limb off the same tree.
    No they wish to redefine the law to suit their disease

    Somebody better stop this crap or pretty soon they are going to want to change the traditional handshake greeting with a ‘mutual testicle cupping’ to promote equality and solidarity with progressive change.

  4. Well before she was appointed she was described as “Eric Holder with a dick,” but the RINOs approved of her anyway. Many thanks to Lindsey Graham and company.

  5. There is always the card that gets played when laws are bad.

    Citizens can take care of business that pols won’t.

    A few bloodied trannies knocked out on the floor of the women’s room might make them think twice about forcing their perversion on others.

    Shit happens.

  6. Oh, wait, I just got it! ‘SHE’ is tired of using the ladies room!! Now I get it.

  7. The GOPe approved the appointment of LL as AJ.
    And now they stand around scratching their heads and rear ends at the same time confused what the motive to support Trump is.

    It sounds like something from a political satire novel, but it’s reality in Washington DC. .

    Living through the Obama era, every time I read these goofy stories about something idiotic said or done by someone in this administration, and it happens often. The first thought or image that pops up in my mind – is Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes in the scene where he screams, ” This is a Mad House ! “.

  8. There WAS a time when the omnipotent gubmint would just regulate that every public place (business, school, church, stadium et.) would HAVE to provide a “gender neutral” bathroom IN ADDITION to the specific male and female facilities. That time is gone—it wouldn’t play into the narrative today. The lunatics run the asylum and will until we can find a way to rid ourselves of them. It’s the libTURD way. We are so screwed.

  9. All 5yr old girls should be taught that when a man dressed as a woman uses the restroom with them, they should laughingly yell, while pointing at his dick, “IT”S SO SMALL!”. And finish by saying “You’re an ugly woman”.

  10. How much do want to bet that this insufferably smug pile of steaming PC shit has a private restroom just off her office, for her exclusive use?

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