Attorney Wood files SCOTUS case, says Georgia election officials ‘usurped’ legislature’s authority – IOTW Report

Attorney Wood files SCOTUS case, says Georgia election officials ‘usurped’ legislature’s authority


Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood has filed an emergency petition to the Supreme Court arguing Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffenperger “usurped” the state legislature’s authority on verifying the identity of in-person and mail-in absentee ballot voters in the November elections. 

Wood argues in the 35-page filing that Raffenperger usurped the legislature’s power by entering into a settlement agreement with the Democratic Party earlier this year and issuing an “Official Election Bulletin” that modified the legislature’s “clear procedures for verifying the identity of mail-in voters.”

“The effect of the secretary of state’s unauthorized procedure is to treat the class of voters who vote by mail different from the class of voters who vote in-person,” Lin argues. “That procedure dilutes the votes of in-person voters by votes from persons whose identities are less likely to be verified as required by the legislative scheme.”  read more

12 Comments on Attorney Wood files SCOTUS case, says Georgia election officials ‘usurped’ legislature’s authority

  1. Woods and Chief Justice Roberts are not pals. Woods latest tweet.

    “I am fully aware of the onslaught of attacks being made against me based on my revelations about Chief Justice John Roberts. Before attacking me, maybe fair-minded people would first ask Roberts to tell the truth.

    Or ask Jeffrey Epstein. He is alive.”


  2. After Wood got done with Roberts he started in on Mark Meadows. Mr. Lin Wood is making some enemies out there. I sure hope he can back up his accusations.

  3. Making enemies or running interference? Pissing off the Chief Justice before you file in his court. Tell republicans in Georgia to boycott the election. I don’t think I want this guy helping me!

  4. ubr bidness, nunyo bidness. You’re an iOTWReporter outstanding in your field. (Thanks for the links. Sorry, I’m just trying to keep some sense of humor today. As bad as 2020 has been, I’m loathing 2021 tonight.)

  5. IMHO, Wood is not going to make claims he can’t back up, this is after all his area of expertise.

    With talking about Roberts, he’s not saying anything that many haven’t said before. There are also many that believe Epstein isn’t dead and I’ve yet to find one person who believes if he is dead that he killed himself.
    Not that many have ever trusted Meadows either.

  6. If in fact the Trump Admin has Epstien stashed some where waiting for when shit gets real, we are way out of capacity at GITMO. Part of the personality trait of Libtards is they’re sick bastards.

  7. So maybe someone will be told not to do it again, but it isn’t going to change the outcome of the election now.

    And I have to stress “maybe”.

  8. Shouldn’t the GA legislature be filing this lawsuit since it is their power that was usurped? Is this not just “who has standing” Part 1,694.

  9. He may be a good lawyer, but what in the hell is he doing even he tells Georgia voters to sit out Senate races until system is fixed?


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