Auburn University hikes tuition yearly & spends $800K annually on diversity staffers

CollegeFix: Auburn University maintains a lengthy roster of employees dedicated to advancing diversity that costs taxpayers at least $800,000 annually, a payroll analysis by The College Fix has found.

The cost comes at a public university that has not only raised its tuition every single year since 2005 – but also has been ranked as having a poor record of enrolling students from lower-income families.

Auburn’s campus spokesperson did not respond to several requests by The College Fix to comment on the contrast that a university which invests so heavily in diversity efforts is also apparently financially out of reach for many lower-income students, a group that traditionally includes many students of color.  MORE

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  1. On the news tonight they said that Arkansas State University is spending $75Million to open a campus in Queretaro, Mexico.
    A 370-acre campus for Mexicans.

    So forget about the poor farm kids in Arkansas who will never get a college education, lets go spend millions of tax dollars to educate Mexicans in Mexico.
    WTFH? This kind of shit can only happen when somebody like 0bama is in power.

  2. This type of corruption is commonplace in the US university system. All the big unis have a fleet of various and sundry phony diversity officers and vice-provosts and all that, most of whom pull down $150K or more. They do sweet FA and attend meetings and hold the hands of minority students and tell white students to “watch it.” The unis think this is a good CYA investment in the event they are sued for not being enthusiastic enough about diversity. It’s like the mandatory diversity training courses, when Joe Minority complains that he got canned b/c he never completed satisfactory work on time, the company says we have mandatory diversity training. Studies have shown that all this crap just heightens sensitivities about perceived racial slights and makes it more likely that minorities are more likely to claim discrimination, but they keep doing it anyway. US universities esp liberal arts and such have turned into SJW backwards ce$$pool$.

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