Audio clip confirms President in his own words colluding with Russia and using quid pro quo to win election

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From Reddit – The best explanation as to how this was quid pro quo-

Could you explain more thoroughly? Nothing in your post suggests that the concessions were made in bad faith

Politically he had a problem: Russia was stirring the pot with hostilities. This was after Hillary and him pushed the big red reset button with Russia. This is also the time his opponent Romney called Russia the largest geopolitical threat to the United States (I disagree with this assessment, China was/is a much bigger threat).

It is in the United States interest to stand strong against aggressive actors. The missile defense shield provides stability as it ensure our allies are not as threatened by nuclear strikes. It also makes our allies happy with us.

Obama got zero concessions in response to giving them the missile defense shield. Meaning the U.S. gained nothing. Who gained from giving the Russians everything they wanted? Russia and…. Obama’s re-election.

What if Obama had told Americans he was going give up the missile defense shield? His opponent Romney would have “pounced” (as the leftist media like to use) and he would have taken a hit in the polls. And as that election was fairly tight up until the end, he could have lost the 2012 election.

but I fail to see here anything that amounts to inappropriate collusion or a quid pro quo

He got the Russians to back off with the promise that they would get everything they wanted. He did this while he thought no one could hear him (including his staff, advisers, etc) and he did it will making it clear he was lying to the American people about his stance. He gave them something, they were giving him something. It’s pretty simple. –

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  1. Trump is proving to be one of the greatest presidents since George Washington. But for him, we’d have been quickly doomed by the insane, incompetent fascist hillary clinton, or led to a painful but slower death by swamp rat Jeb! bush.

    Instead, God blessed America, and put forth Donald Trump and we followed suit and voted him in, and along the way, started voting the GOPe rats out.

    Being God’s work must truly be our own, we need to keep up the battle.


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