Audio Shows UK Navy Trying to Thwart Iran From Seizing Ship

“You obey, you will be safe.”

Epoch Times:

LONDON—In an audio recording released July 21, a British naval officer insists that a British-flagged oil tanker must be allowed to sail through the Strait of Hormuz as Iranian paramilitary forces demand that the vessel change course before commandeering it. more

6 Comments on Audio Shows UK Navy Trying to Thwart Iran From Seizing Ship

  1. Why are the Brits (and us) pussy footing with these assholes? Blow them out of the water. The Brits announce that they “don’t have any good military options”? What the hell is that?

  2. Suggestions for British Tankers…
    Add to the ship’s crew some SAS members, or two platoons of Royal Marines…
    Or both for a most unpleasant surprise for those attempting to board the ship,
    Without authorization.
    Having an aircraft carrier within the area wouldn’t hurt either,
    Or work out a deal with the US where you can receive oil shipments without danger,
    In case it escaped your attention, the US is the largest exporter of oil on the planet,
    Whatever the cost, it will be cheaper in the long run than British Casualties

  3. I think the Iranians are baiting the western forces for a rash response so they can field test the latest state of the art missiles and jamming equipment provided by Russia and China.
    They’d all love nothing more than the newspapers splashed with downed allied aircraft and ships.
    Trump is being wise not to take the bait.


    The British are getting all geared up to ball up their fists, hold their breath, and do absolutely nothing.


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