Aunt Jemima Rebranded By Slave Owner


PepsiCo has unveiled the new name for Aunt Jemima products after it vowed to remove the branding that had donned its pancake mix and syrup varieties for more than 130 years as protests raged nationwide against racial inequality and police brutality.

PepsiCo, which acquired the Quaker Oats Company in 2001, announced in a release Tuesday that the Aunt Jemima maple syrup bottles and boxes of pancake mix will be rebranded under the name of Pearl Milling Company. More

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  1. You don’t want to be somebody so dumb you can’t make your own pancakes and topping from scratch.

  2. Pepsico owns Quaker Oats, as well. When will they remove the image of the white guy? Betting the actual Quakers are gathering up to bust out some windows and burn vehicles to make it happen.

  3. IF you can’t live without buying pancake mix you probably are one of those who can’t cancel your Amazon account, right?

  4. I read somewhere that one of the founders of Pearl Millinfg was a big fan of minstrel shows. How long until they get hammered for that?

  5. I noticed all the white people so upset with being white are not killing themselves to make ammends for being white. Not even setting themselves on fire, drinking rubbing alcohol, sleeping with Hunter Biden… Weird, isn’t it?

  6. MJA
    I know,right. I even posted a video on Youboob on how to slice your wrists lengthwise instead of sideways. No takers. I can only interoperate that as people not dedicated to the “Cause”. What the fuck people? Kill yourselves. Prove you’re serious.

  7. It’s time to go back to the Generic Brands from the 80’s.
    White label and black type that describes what it is…beans, coffee, milk, crispy cereal or whatever. I suppose now it can’t be white since that’s rascist-so gray on gray then. No more homespun names or advertising characters. No more Capt’n Crunch or Boo Berries-chuck it all.

    For Pete’s sake.

  8. Illustr8r, I agree but some things are difficult to give up.
    I tried the generic of the Land-O-Lakes butter and it wasn’t even close.

    I do find some generics like dijon mustard that work.

    I was trying to boycott Kroger but it will cost me at least $25 per shopping instance.
    That said, I wish I was subscribed to Disney+ just so I could cancel.
    I have done a pretty good job of cancelling Fox news.

  9. @Aaron and Illustr8r: Try the Kodiak pancake mix at COSTCO. I hate to go in there because the egregious virtue signaling is tough to take but it’s a good product. Add a little cornmeal, oatmeal, eggs, applesauce, milk, baking soda, baking powder and whole wheat flour to your batch and the cakes are great. Adding cinnamon, vanilla etract and almond extract makes it even better.

  10. @Loco There’s a bunch of stuff I’ve bailed on after the election. FoxNews is one, we dropped Disney+ and Hulu+(no more live TV). I’m listening to Spotify more instead of talk radio-without Rush-who? I scan Twitter for my daily anger and BP rocket and then pop into iOTWr, Gateway and CT as the day goes. No energy for politics. Wake me when Trump announces his new political party.

  11. Krusteaze pancake mix. It’s from the 20s or 30s. One egg, water, a lil’ oil.

    You don’t even need syrup they’re so sweet. Box is cheap as hell.
    Go figure.

  12. @Loco @Aaron @Naac This plandemic has given me time to bake and stuff. I’ve make my own bread, muffins, tortillas, pizza dough and pancakes! Midwest me still like Aunt Jemima syrup though but now I guess I have to stab a tree out back for my own maple syrup too!

  13. LOL! I can’t make donuts but I have a lovely carrot cake recipe for Monthly iotw birthday celebrations in the break room. Oh, and desert breads, got those too. 👩‍🍳 whose gonna decorate and pick up balloons?

  14. Aunt Jemima was actually patterned after my Aunt Jemima!
    Not too many people know this, but I was born a poor black child.
    I became white, rich, and famous through superior intellect and Affirmative Action.

  15. Pepsi is just casting pearls before swine. Brad, in boot camp we had a guy try to commit suicide in the head late at night by slashing his wrists crosswise with a razor blade and making one hell of a bloody mess. He didn’t end up killing himself but we did get a stern lecture from our Company Commander on the proper way to cut your wrists afterward by slashing down the vein and not across.

  16. …why not call it “Jigga My Nigga”?

    …it MUST not be rayciss because a Genuine Black Man, Jay-Z sings it, so you get a built-in promo jingle too…

    “[Intro: Jay-Z]
    Roc-A-Fella, Ruff Ryders, Swizz Beatz
    It’s almost over y’all
    Jigga, how real is that?
    Uhh, uhh, uhh, lights out niggas!”

    …yep, that’s some SERIOUS culture you can bring to your brand right there, PepsiCo, Barry “Barak Obama” Soetoro approved, Joe voter and everything so VERY authentically Black…

  17. geoff the aardvark FEBRUARY 11, 2021 AT 8:22 AM
    “… Brad, in boot camp we had a guy try to commit suicide in the head late at night by slashing his wrists crosswise with a razor blade and making one hell of a bloody mess. He didn’t end up killing himself but we did get a stern lecture from our Company Commander on the proper way to cut your wrists afterward by slashing down the vein and not across.”

    …just for the benefit of you wrist-slashy guys, as a former medic I can tell you that the important thing is not the WAY you slash your wrist, but that you don’t TELL anyone about it.

    ,,,I mean, it doesn’t really change the flow rate that much becuase you’re not going to get it any faster than the pipe is wide no matter HOW much distal damage you do, but unless you plan to slice it all the way up into your armpits, its REAL easy to staunch it with a tourniquet, and you’ll live another day.

    Whether you want to or NOT.

    …see, all that doing all that slicing and dicing on the extremety cables ALSO slices and dices on the other things in there, like tendons and nerves, and the more damage and higher-up damage you do only makes it more likely that you’re going to fuck your ablity to use your arms and hands properly, or that they won’t be able to establish good blood flow so gangrene will necessitate cutting off some of your distal bits, like fingers and such. Almost all the folks I saw try to “kill themselves” were ACTUALLY trying to get attention, and generally WANTED to be found, set it UP to be found, and sometimes went and made dramatic ANNOUNCEMENTS after “killing themselves” just SO I had to come over and wallow in their gore for a bit and schelp them to the part of the ER that has no pillows so you can’t kill your fellow patients with them.

    I didn’t see that MANY slashers, pill poppers were MUCH more common and sometimes accidentally more successful than they were TRYING to be (hint: just because it’s Over The Counter doesn’t mean misuse won’t kill you fucking eye DEAD in the most painful and drawn-out way possible), but of the slashers I only saw ONE that did REAL damage. I ususally did NOT follow up on patient long-term outcomes because MY acquantance with them was deliberately brief and my duty concluded when they hit the hospital bed (*Usually), but sometimes I found things out becuase the sequela much later ended up on my watch again, so I know that PARTICULAR person did NOT enjoy their artificial hand very much, and you can do some pretty good damage to yourself with one of THOSE if you put your damaged mind to it…

    …anyway, guys, the answer for a sucessful suicide is NOT how you do it.

    It’s that you commmit to being ALONE when you do it.

    If there’s no one to SAVE you,
    You’ll get what you want, no matter HOW bad your technique.

    …sooner or later.

    …FWIW, people who are SERIOUS about leaving us just go in a room by themselves and shoot themselves in the face. Seen THAT before, it’s pretty effective.

    …technique DOES matter there, though, as someome WILL hear the noise and send cops to investigate, and if you do the old Hollywood thing where you shoot yourself in the head, chances are you’re just gonna end up with major upper brain damage done and be unable to complete the job, and spend the REST of your useless life begging with very slurred speech as your bowlels run out over your sheets to end you for good since you’ve rendered yourself incapable of even pulling your own plug…

  18. Just put Minnie Pearl’s picture on the bottle and go full on rayciss. Put her white privilege card dangling from her hat instead of that price tag.


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