Austin Businesses Sound Alarm over Homelessness Hitting ‘Boiling Point’

Breitbart: The homelessness problem is getting out of hand and increasing the risk of danger, a steakhouse owner in Austin, Texas, said recently.

“Our biggest thing is this isn’t safe for anybody, and that includes the homeless population,” Vince Young Steakhouse’s Executive Chef Phillip Brown told KXAN

On Twitter Wednesday, Brown shared photos he took of a large cardboard box behind his restaurant where people had set up camp:

While there are now more police in the area, Brown said, “They can’t be everywhere all the time.”

On January 25, Austin police arrested a homeless woman who reportedly confessed to stabbing five women in the famous Sixth Street area of the city, according to Breitbart News.


21 Comments on Austin Businesses Sound Alarm over Homelessness Hitting ‘Boiling Point’

  1. FOAD, Austin. You wanna sit at the cool table with kids from LA and NYC, host arts, dreams, and socialism.

    Welcome to your reality, bitchies. The weak follow the smell of “free” and NOW you think there may be a problem.

    No. We don’t/can’t/won’t hear you. We care not for your plight.

    FOAD, Austin.

  2. I’m sure Vince Young could give a few young men a place to sleep tonight.

    Maybe these people aren’t homeless but are, in fact, rabid home-ophobes.

    Thank about that now. I haven’t.

  3. Now you see the dangers of not recycling. Had you properly disposed of your used cardboard boxes, the homeless wouldn’t build condos in your alleys. Sheesh – you would think these Austin moonbats would know that by now….

  4. Ahh……Californized. Shit stained sidewalks littered with used needles soon to make newcomers feel at home. Texas forgot the Alamo.

  5. We were in Austin in March 2019 for NCAA swimming championships – LESS THAN A YEAR AGO! I am sure the photo headlining the linked Breitbart article was taken in the venue locale. The venue was within minutes by foot of the capital. I guarantee that we would not have walked around downtown Austin before, between or after sessions to spend our money, if we were required to maneuver around encampments on the sidewalks. How can a local government just abandon those that need help to the sidewalks and alleys, and the law abiding tax paying citizens to anarchy. Austin, another shining example of depraved democrat governance.

  6. Bus em to CA.
    Problem solved.
    Come to think of it, bus the Austin City Council to CA while you’re at it!
    Then you won’t have to worry about a recurrence.

    A one-time expense over a lifetime of pain and decay – seems pretty simple.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Once you are on the street it’s hard to get out of that life. The hours of the shelters don’t coincide with normal work hours because you have to be in line before you would normally get off of work to get a bed. So day labourer doesn’t work well. I helped a young black man that goes to the same church as me get a job at the company I work for and gave him a ride to my job sites for a year he then got his own car. They started him at $17 with worst than no skill set. I mean never used a hammer skill set. He had a factory job cleaning machinery and rode his bike to work in all kinds of Oregon weather, but he hated the job. He did have a home that he rented a room. Before I knew him he had wrecked his life then came to the Lord to turn his life around. But most people on the street don’t feel like they have a way out, and without hope. Generally they have burned every bridge that could possibly help them in their natural family and friends and fried a lot of brain cells. Sad, but the left owns this.

  8. I was in Austin two years ago on business and needed to get a prescription filled so pulled up to a pharmacy and at the front door some guy was out cold with urine trailing down the sidewalk. the door was open two inches against the body and two employees called out that they were not allowed to interfere with his rest and to come around back and they would let me in. so I used my foot to push and kick the drunk away and went into the store. the employees were appalled at my action but gave me my pills On the way out I rolled him into the gutter. No one applies morality to the business to the financial harm to the employees to the needs of the customer today. But the drunk is king. Assholes need to get a grip over pc insanity

  9. @ Crackerbaby FEBRUARY 19, 2020 AT 9:15 AM

    ….mental illness reaching new heights! WTF?

    Absolutely predictable. Conservative Christian people have by far the lowest rate of mental health issues and depression. Actually that is not entirely correct, people who just adopt the trappings of conservative Christianity follow close behind, but the spectrum is from conservative Christians to secular humanists w/secular humanistic hedonists being far more prone to mental illness.

  10. The US Army has opened a tech center in Austin. It’ll probably do for the Army what most leftist universities has done for ROTC.

    Leftism is a cancer.


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