Austin, Texas hopes that homeless people will act responsibly and clean up their trash

American Thinker:

I think that it is no coincidence that the cities with the farthest left political cultures – San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas, for example – seem to have the largest number of homeless people living on their sidewalks, in their parks, and under their freeway overpasses. The mainstream media have no curiosity whatsoever as to why this might be the case, or even bother to make a connection.

It may come down to something as simple as the eternal truth that whenever you subsidize something, you get more of it. But along the way, there are many other aspects of the progressive ideology that contribute to the tens of thousands of individual decisions that result on people living on the streets instead of providing for their own housing, from the artificially high price of housing dues to land use restrictions and zoning in deep blue cities, to the refusal to hold people responsible for their own actions.

An experiment of sorts in underway in Austin, Texas, the city whose progressive denizens beg their fellow citizens to “Keep Austin Weird.”

KXAN TV reports:

 For the next six weeks you may see violet-colored trash bags in certain sections of Austin.

It’s a new program the city is trying out to encourage those experiencing homelessness to clean up after themselves. 


17 Comments on Austin, Texas hopes that homeless people will act responsibly and clean up their trash

  1. If they were “responsible” people they wouldn’t be homeless.
    Or, at least, not trashy.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Why bother? Have you seen the accumulation of trash bags on the southern border? Wish I’d bought stock in Hefty.

  3. The thieving, drug addicted, pieces of shit, that progressive activists label homeless for political reasons, are overwhelmingly leftists and as a general rule leftists are filthy and disgusting.

  4. First thought on seeing a violet-colored trash bag: “Great, a free container for all my stuff.”

    Second thought: “Now I can throw away all of my old junk on the sidewalk and street.”

  5. 2 or 3 stuffed inside each other
    makes a durable & water proof suitcase…
    6th street in Austin was once enjoyable
    and laid back in 1995.You could wander from
    bar to bar on foot and listen any flavor
    of music.Parking was diagonal at the side walk!
    25′ from the bars.

  6. How long until missing children begin to show up in purple bags?

    Oh Stink,
    Tex Ass

    Governor Perry got it wrong. Austin is not the blueberry in the cherry pie. It is the brown eye of the blonde haired, blue eyed, (think Farrah before she got old, ugly, and dead,) state.

  7. This both angers me and breaks my heart. I lived in Austin for 3 years while attending pharmacy school at UT. I LOVED it. Of course, this was 1976 – 1979. It had a much different vibe then: weird and very laid back, but in a good way. So sad.

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