Australia: Anti-lockdown Protestors Battle Police


Things are getting spicy in Australia, specifically the town of Richmond in the Melbourne area.  Righteous anti-lockdown protestors took to the streets against thousands of armed police and heavily geared riot squads prepared to beat them into submission and stop their march {Direct Rumble Link}.

As the government stormtroopers corralled the peacefully marching protesters into an ever smaller dead end where there were blocked in all directions, a valiant member of the resistance opened a gateway through a housing division enabling the crowd to continue amassing, assembling more supporters and continue marching.

The police then formed a battle formation in the street attempting to cordon-off the remaining roadway and block the march from continuing.  However, after a few tense minutes of standoff the protesters rushed the police and fought their way through.  Google is attempting to block this video.  WATCH:

h/t Brad.

15 Comments on Australia: Anti-lockdown Protestors Battle Police

  1. I love the previously-trampled cops hunkered over to the side still feebly trying to spray mace on the stragglers. Hahahaha! Well done, nates!

  2. For the next peaceful protest, the protestors should beat the living shit out of the cops. Put every one of them in the hospital. Maybe they will learn to stop brutalizing innocent citizens.

  3. People of Australia, keep this up. When police go to the hospital by the dozens, maybe they will start thinking twice about acting like modern-day brown shirts.

    This is not the same as assassinating officers as happened in Dallas a few years ago.

  4. As Mark S. McGrew pointed out, in order to make this effective, every brown shirted asshole needs something broken bad enough to require a hospital stay. You need to convince them they will pay a price for Tyrannical Bull Shit.

  5. I hate to say it, but it looks like the Aussies are willing to fight for their freedoms before we are!
    And Oh By The Way, A Louisville Slugger iz an amazing universal translator….
    As in “understand me now asshole?”
    An axe handle works about as well “Lemme axe you a questshun!”


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