AUSTRALIA: Hundreds of ‘Migrants’ Riot At Nightclub After Sexually Assaulting Several Girls – IOTW Report

AUSTRALIA: Hundreds of ‘Migrants’ Riot At Nightclub After Sexually Assaulting Several Girls

Geller Report: The staggering rise of violent crime from gangs from “multicultural backgrounds” (much like we see in Europe) and the follow-up migrant-protection arguments of fearmongering and backlash from leftwing agitators and talking heads (much like we see in Europe) are destroying Western societies and making the most mundane activities and social recreations increasingly dangerous.

AUSTRALIA: More than 100 African Muslim migrants cause wild brawl in and outside Fitzroy night club.

By Lexyred, January 27, 2018 (thanks to BNI):

It appears to have started when six females resisted the advances of the African thugs and ran outside being chased by 30 – 40 of them. Chairs and glass bottles were used as weapons. No arrests have been made. (Why not? Because they were Black or because they were Muslims? Or both?)  WATCH

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  1. Unclear what sparked the riots. Next up PSAs on how to tolerate diversity by wearing rape prevention pants and staying in your club safe zone if you are a woman.

  2. Australia … so superior, so smug, so much false pride … in caving in to the barbarians …. good luck to ya, mate!

    when the last Westerner leaves, please turn the lights out … oh, wait … the lights will already be out

    think about it … Canada didn’t kick out the UK, Australia didn’t kick out the UK … the US kicked out the UK …. coincidence that those 3 are being overrun?

  3. oops … didn’t mean USA … meant Canada, Australia & the UK as ‘those 3’

    (bad sentence structure, Molon … very bad!)

  4. Regarding Australia, I’ve been saying for 20-30 years that their biggest threat is China. When China decides (and they will) that they need to take Australia, we will have some big time trouble.

  5. PHenry beat me to it but: Them phukkers went door to door and confiscated firearms. If the government now can’t protect its citizens from the invading cockroaches they either need to relent on firearms or go door to door and round up all practitioners of the religion of peace and dispose of them in the same manner they did the confiscated firearms.

    Can I get an amen?

  6. I thought they were shipping all the Muslin immigrants to the USA, where they would be welcomed, understood and paid a monthly check?

  7. Bob Loblaw. just keep saying repeating ‘Australians have no guns because they went door to door confiscating them’ so the anti-gunners remain complacent and feel safe.

    In truth Australia is rated 20th of 175 counties in the number of guns per 100, with 24.2, compared to 101 for the US, 30.8 for Canada and 30.3 for Germany.

    “Other reliable sources within the firearms importation industry indicate that at least 350,000 SKS and SKK rifles were imported into Australia up until the early 1990s.”
    Estimates indicate that there might have been up to a third of these never handed in to the government. In general, automatic and semi-automatic rifles are banned in Australia and pistol magazines are limited to 10 rounds.

    But don’t tell any anti-gunners that.

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