Australia: LGBT Social Media Mob Hound Gay Activist To Suicide


A young man ends his own life, and hundreds of people cheer and laugh, confident in their assessment that he was a bad person and therefore, the world is better without him.

It seems the internet has created a generation wherein cruel comments and self-righteous indignation are as freely posted and forgotten as emojis in a text. But these words last forever, and they show us the world in which we live. Cruelty as social justice? The leaders of the left stay silent. More

5 Comments on Australia: LGBT Social Media Mob Hound Gay Activist To Suicide

  1. “do not in any way represent” – as a general rule that statement is the exact opposite of what is being said. When it comes from ANY progressive group, it isn’t a general rule it is an absolute.

  2. Sad story. There is nothing that will stop leftists from bullying and cheering inflicting injury on those that don’t march lockstep with them. They’ve become emboldened and they aren’t going to stop.

  3. Remember when that college roommate recorded his gay rommate’s behavior and then posted it online causing him to kill himself?

    Where is the outrage now?

    You have to show up with your own mob wearing all black with masks and beat the child molesters senseless, then scatter in all directions. It works for the left.


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