Australia To Build American Designed Nuclear-Powered Attack Subs

Australia’s deal with France to built diesel powered attack submarines was both the most expensive defense project in the nation’s history. It was also proving to be expensive and slow. Here

Thanks to a new security deal with the U.K. and The United States, Australia is going to build nuclear powered submarines. Here

Surprisingly, France paid Biden the greatest compliment he never deserved on news of their sub deal getting sunk. Here

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  1. Kind of ironic that all these allied nations that up until this year could depend on the U.S. to assist them with their defense, no longer can.

  2. Turdeau is already acting all superior saying,”not for Canada.”

    We bought 4 total piece of crap used Diesel Subs from Britain that have been complete useless money pits.

    One caught fire on its initial trip over to Canada after being mothballed in Britain for years & killed a soldier. Electrical issues.

    Total Fuckin Crap.

  3. For what purpose? Nuking disarmed citizens in COVID camps?

    …if Pedo is involved you can BET its bad for America. He’s probably in Oz getting COVID oppression “how-to” tips, and most likely wants them to test out that nuking thing there to see if he likes it for US…

    …BTW, I’m sure that, between the Clintons, the Gores, the Obamas, and the Bidens, “secret” American nuclear sub plans are available at any Chinese counsulate.

    Unless they don’t and this is a way to get the plans to them without just handing them over.

    Of course that would mean that China would have to take Australia.

    …but considering their disarmed and cowed population and their military deployed exclusively for peasant control, and the fact Pedo would do NOTHING about it, it really wouldn’t be much of a challenge to them…

  4. @SNS

    They are scared shitless of ChYnA despite what their leftist say publicly. They Know that in a world where the USA is loosing Credibility (Bidenists) or even under Trump, they have to try to carry more weight.

    Sadly, they will not have any significant deterrence on their own BUT if everyone did a little bit more then ChYna wouldn’t be so bold and would have to spend themselves into the poor house to keep up.

  5. Australia –> We’ll throw China on the nuclear barbi fer ya!

    Actually, they’re talking ‘fast attacks’ not ‘boomers.’ Wonder where they’ll get sonar and torpedoes for it.

  6. This is Biden funneling our Nuclear Capabilities ad designs to the Chinese.
    I own a Precision Machine shop that caters to the Defense Logistics Agency. Basically replacement parts for anything military. It’s a lot bigger than that, but that’s our market. You can imagine what you need to comply to and the licensing involved. By far the toughest is anything nuclear. In fact so much so we decided it never penciled. No ROI. And now Biden’s going to just start handing that shit out to a Country that is pretty much owned by the Chinese? More smoke and mirrors and Bull Shit.

  7. When you have nuclear powered ships, you have nuclear power.

    The subtext to this is that Austrailia (if they survive their leftists fascists) and Japan will be developing nuclear weapons to protect themselves from China.

    The more nations with nuclear weapons, the more likely a nuclear war.

    Now that Obama gave Iran nuke technology – and Biden continues to enable them to build nukes – the prospect of WW3 is real.

  8. You would be surprised at how many people do not understand that nuclear means the propulsion system not the weapons payload as is mentioned by General Malaise above.

    That is why it is so political: Public Stupidity.

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