Australian Liberals Panic: Drought breaking rains could raise emissions!

JoNova:Panic now: Drought breaking rains could raise emissions! (One drought was twice as good as all those renewables!)

This is an idea surrounded by layers of dumb. Like an onion, but not that smart.

Firstly, rejoice, nice big rain is falling, and Australians are Pretty Happy About That. But, oh no. Who knew, all along — the drought we thought was so bad was actually helping cool Australia. Golly, droughts cripple our agriculture industry and therefore reduce our agricultural emissions. It follows then (if you are crazy) that when the rain comes back that will raise our emissions.

But wait, there’s more. This rain is falling on Conservatives:

The Morrison government’s goal of lowering greenhouse gas emissions could be sunk in the short term if there is a break in the intense drought.’

Mike Foley, Sydney Morning Herald

Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are likely to rise if there is a break in the intense drought in eastern Australia, sinking the Morrison government’s goal of lowering emissions in the short term.

Yes, and in a world not obsessed with political power games, when rain falls, green stuff grows, sucking down the CO2. Nevermind.

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5 Comments on Australian Liberals Panic: Drought breaking rains could raise emissions!

  1. In the Land of Imbecility, Insanity reigns.
    Or, in the Land of Insanity, Imbecility reigns.
    Maybe in the Land of Drought, Rain reigns.

    “There’s just no pleasing you!”

    The perpetually malcontent and hateful cannot be assuaged.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. The Earth is responsible for generating global warming on the Earth! The Earth must be stopped in order to save the planet!

    You can make this stuff up, but you would be considered stupid. Rightfully so.

  3. If I were to sit down with a pen a paper I couldn’t come up with something this convoluted.

    I’ve always thought blaming the sun made more sense. “climate change” is too diffused of a concept to be an effective scare tactic for corralling everyone in line under an authoritarian regime.

    But the sun…, you could really ramp up hysteria with that one. You could form a worldwide project for that. Everyone would chip in partly because you could see results in the form of big rockets.

    You could tell the world you needed to build the sun saving stuff in space….not like anyone is gonna’ check…

    I dunno’. just seems like the forces of repressive ignorance really missed out on this one.


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