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Australia’s Gun Grab Works, Till it Doesn’t

Leftist are always quick to run to Australia’s gun confiscation effort from 10 years ago to argue for doing the same here.

 Mick Roelandts, firearms reform project manager for the New South Wales Police, looks at a pile of about 4,500 prohibited firearms in Sydney that have been handed in over the past month under the Australian government's buy-back scheme July 28. A total of 470,000 guns have been collected nationally, with owners receiving A$243 million (US$180 million) in compensation. The scheme was set up due to tighter gun laws brought in after the April 1996 Port Arthur massacre in which 35 people died when a lone gunman went on a shooting rampage. - RTXHDPH

 Which is all fine and good until there’s a shooting in the Land Down Under. 


9 Comments on Australia’s Gun Grab Works, Till it Doesn’t

  1. What a bunch of media B.S. I remember the reports from years ago after they decided to give up their LIBERTIES. Rapes, robberies, homicides, assaults, murders etc… ALL INCREASED!

    Pay day! Come and get it boys! More manipulated history.


  2. Also, do not forget that Australia is a willing & moronic embracer of, SOCIALISM. Screw, Australia. They and our libtards over here can KMA.

  3. I’ve met a few. They like to talk. Never that impressed. “That’s not a knife, this is a knife.” And this is a gun bitch.

  4. From the article: “the radicalization of youth is a complex issue”. No it’s not. You let this Islamic filth into your country (and ours) and you get murder and rape and terrorism. One observation about the article, at least it identifies the perps as Muslims. A refreshing change from the MSM here that always hides this little detail.

  5. “The 15-year-old, who is of Iraqi-Kurdish background and was born in Iran”…”We are a long way from establishing a full picture of this man. His exact motivation still remains a mystery to us,”

    Let’s see. Iraqi-Kurdish background born in Iran. Nah. Couldn’t be…

    Now, if he had been a white male Christian. Bingo! Hate crime!

  6. Keep in mind that the same Leftists who will confiscate guns will also gladly confiscate the Truth to hide any embarrassing stories about the negative ramifications of their actions.

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