Austria: Deportations up 36 Percent

Breitbart London:

Deportations of failed asylum seekers and illegal migrants have increased by 36 percent under populist Freedom Party (FPÖ) Interior Minister Herbert Kickl compared to 2017 as Austria looks to provide more information to the public on deportation cases.

In the first five months of 2018, the Austrian Interior Ministry has recorded a total of 2,926 deportations of failed asylum seekers and illegal migrants – an increase of 450 from last year. In addition, 2,114 migrants left of their own accord, Oe24 reports.

The number of asylum applications has also fallen by 40 percent since the beginning of 2018.

So far this year, 34 flights have been chartered for deportations, along with two buses, with most flights heading to Kosovo and Nigeria.

The report comes after Interior Minister Kickl promised in March to overhaul the Austrian asylum system following a number of high-profile violent incidents including the random stabbing of a family in Vienna by an Afghan asylum seeker.  more here

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  1. Requests for design plans have been put out for air cannons and large scale catapults to assist in deportation. The winner will receive The Von Trapp award and all the materials and immigrant labor to implement their designs


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