Austria: Hospital allows “radical Muslim woman” patient to forbid non-Muslim father of another patient to enter room

Jihad Watch: The hospital believes the woman is not in breach of the law. A day after the incident the hospital reached out and apologised for the unfortunate event and promised to investigate the situation further. The hospital stated it was unacceptable for a patient be given favourable treatment in this case.”

Good, but it’s noteworthy that this favorable treatment always goes only in one direction. We rarely, if ever, hear stories in Europe about non-Muslims inadvertently violating Islamic norms or offending Muslim sensibilities. It’s always the non-Muslims who are placed at a disadvantage.

“Muslim patient forbids Austrian father from entering hospital room and visit his ill daughter,” Voice of Europe, March 24, 2018:

Having a sick child is one of the most horrible cards a person can be dealt in life and not even being allowed into your child’s room is even worse. In Vienna the family Salfenauer experienced exactly that and not because of medical reasons but because of the religious beliefs of another patient.

The family Salfenauer brought their daughter (23), who is suffering from multiple sclerosis, to the hospital for treatment. Since the treatment can be fatal they always accompany her.

On entry into the hospital the family was quickly taken aside and instructed, that the father shouldn’t enter the room due to a ‘radical Muslim woman’, who does not allow any men to enter the room. Therefore the father of the sick woman had to stay in the door frame and could not be at his daughter’s bed to hold her hand.  MORE

10 Comments on Austria: Hospital allows “radical Muslim woman” patient to forbid non-Muslim father of another patient to enter room

  1. So why would an Austrian “husband” of another patient listen to this muslim woman. Have all the men in Europe become pussified soy boys?
    I know, that was a rhetorical question. Of course they have.

  2. There is no creature lower than a progtarded western bureaucrat… They need to be scrubbed from the gene pool ASAP before they get us all killed.

  3. The muzlem woman was probably concerned for her own safety. If a father, brother, or husband of hers had come in the room and there was another man in there they would have had to honor kill her.

  4. Anyone who gets between me and a loved one in the hospital will become a patient there. Period. Family is sacred.

    I once watched my sweet, mild sister grab a nurse and shove her out the door when she tried to kick us out of my father’s hospital room. They left us alone after that.

  5. TommyBoy,
    A private room in the hospital wouldn’t be private enough. She should have been given a “private” room……..out in the parking lot.


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