Austria might send troops to Italian border to stem migrant flow

American Thinker: Italy has issued a plea to the rest of the EU to assist in handling a surge in migrants from Africa and the Middle East, which has alarmed the Austrian government, precipitating a move to fortify its border with Italy in case the situation worsens.

Austria took in hundreds of thousands of refugees in 2015, placing a severe strain on the state’s resources and causing a voter backlash that brought a conservative government to power. Now that government is warning that it will send 750 troops and 4 armored vehicles to the Brenner Pass crossing with Italy if history appears to be repeating itself.

Rome is none too happy about the prospect of more Austrian troops on its border and has summoned the Austrian ambassador for talks.  more here

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  1. Dude, I’ve been saying this for quite a while now. A European war is coming. If we look at history, the United States will inevitably be drawn in as well. All of the pieces are being put in place, the refugee crisis will be the catalyst to spark off civil unrest leading to world war.

  2. Austria HAS already. According to German press, Austria has placed tanks (!) – without heavy artillery – at the Brenner Pass for example and are conducting strict passport control.

    HOW TO SAY “bwahahahaha” in *Austrian* : “heil myself!”

  3. Good for them. Maybe the Austrians will be in a position to save Western Europe a second time from a muslim incursion.

  4. Pipeline their asses straight to Germany. Eventually, they will have had enough and will hang Merkel from a lamp post.

  5. @organgrinder July 6, 2017 at 11:59 am

    > Pipeline their asses straight to Germany.

    Germany wants no border controls. Secure transit to Germany is the same as locking your front door, opening all the windows, and leasing a step ladder on the porch.

  6. I’m popping corn, now. But with Brexit smoking, and Scotland and Catalonia rumbling, I’m hoping it’s soon worth an upgrade to pizza pie. The continental root of Italy has been none too happy being bound, especially economically, to the southern “boot.” Rome using “refugees” as a battering ram against a newly fortified border will leave all sorts of mess lying around “up there.” Der Frauer wants Italy, all of Italy, to keep the supplies of both wage corrosion and bond interest flowing to the Bundes Bänks. If the Padan plain becomes the moat that broken tools of capitalism hurled at the Alpi wall, as well as the trash that doesn’t quite make it that far, starts piling up in, a replay of the Scotland to London negotiations could be, oh so, “entertaining.”

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