Author Salman Rushdie Attacked at New York Event – Stabbed in Neck – IOTW Report

Author Salman Rushdie Attacked at New York Event – Stabbed in Neck


Author Salman Rushdie was attacked on stage at an event in western New York on Friday morning.

According to police, Rushdie suffered an apparent stab wound to the neck and was transported by helicopter to an area hospital. His condition was not immediately known.

Rushdie was scheduled to speak at the Chautauqua Institution as part of a lecture series on writers exiled under threat of persecution.

According to an Associated Press reporter who was at the event, Rushdie was attacked by a man who hopped on stage while he was being introduced.

The man began “stabbing or punching” Rushdie, who fell to the floor. The man was then restrained and taken into custody by a state trooper.

Photos and video from the scene show staffers tending to Rushdie, who was later helped off stage.

Henry Reese, the founder of a literary non-profit who was appearing onstage alongside Rushdie, suffered “a minor head injury,” police said.

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  1. If you know anyone who ever read his “Satanic Verses” buy them a case of something special. They deserve a reward for stubborn persistence. It’s the most unread best seller in the entire history of book publishing going all the way back to the Gutenberg Press. Completely unreadable, unless someone was a total masochist. Mohammed speed, Salman.

  2. I remember in a late 80’s interview Kat Stevens/Yusef Islam (or whatever he goes by now), said in lawyer language essentially [because Rushdie insulted islam he would get what was coming to him].

  3. …. it was another one of those damn white supremacists.

    Q. How can a ‘white’ (iow, a Westerner) be deemed a ‘supremacist’ if they are in almost all historical metrics more advanced??

  4. Latest news: He will probably loose an eye. A kidney sustained a knife wound. He’s currently on a ventilator and unable to speak.

    G-d save him.

  5. Pretty shitty security, given the multitude of threats from the usual suspects.
    People who are willing to fly an aircraft filled with people into a building full of people will do absolutely anything.


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