Young Ted

January 24, 2016 BFH 14

Click Young Ted’s Picture to See Him Speaking as a Very Young Man HT/ Finai

Snowboarding in the Big Apple

January 24, 2016 BFH 17

Make sure you check out the entire video. There’s a little interaction with New York’s finest that must be seen. ht/ Irony Curtain

Hope and Cagney

January 24, 2016 BFH 23

Bob Hope is not necessarily known for his dancing skills, and Cagney’s ability to hoof will surprise some people as well. One can’t imagine a big star today, like Leonardo DiCaprio, suddenly [Read More]

Ice Cube Ridicules Oscar Boycott

January 24, 2016 BFH 12

Talking about his hit movie, “Straight Outta Compton,” failing to get a best movie Oscar nomination, Ice Cube says it’s like “complaining that you don’t have enough icing on your [Read More]

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