Forrest Rump

March 6, 2016 BFH 16

Hillary did a skit in 1994, parodying Forrest Gump. Bill makes an appearance doing a weird Sling Blade kinda thing. video  

What Rush Just Said

March 6, 2016 BFH 45

C. Steven Tucker sent this in and it’s everything I’ve been saying, only said like a multi-millionaire communicator. Earlier, Plain Jane made a comment about ow the GOP does not [Read More]

Bicycle Thief

March 6, 2016 BFH 10

They are getting clever. You were so very happy with your super duper titanium, kryptonite laden, double sneaky, theft protective contraption that was guaranteed to protect your $3,000 bicycle. Now your [Read More]

Trump’s Wall Shows Up at Rally

March 6, 2016 BFH 8

RT “@85thLegislature: Omg. Trump's Wall is literally at his rally. #FloridaPrimary”#stoprush — Salem for Obama (@Salem4Obama) March 5, 2016 It looks strangely like Lindsey Graham.

Bern a Movie Contest

March 6, 2016 BFH 11

Thanks everyone for playing!! Some really good ones as always!!   First off – Honorable Mentions – The Hunchback Of Odor Fame – BFH No Country For Rich Men – [Read More]

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