Lunch Lady Becky

December 24, 2015 BFH 3

It’s pretty hard to get the attention of a cafeteria full of preoccupied teens. But normally overlooked, plain jane Becky manages to get their attention with a little Christmas break send [Read More]

Merry Christmas New York

December 24, 2015 BFH 13

Ya, we knew Daniel Murphy wasn’t resigning with the Mets. But, on Christmas Eve we learn that he’s going to THE NATIONALS????? The friggin’ Nationals!!!!??? Well, Murphy is a officially [Read More]

Bed Bug and Breakfast

December 24, 2015 BFH 15

The hipster doofus entrepreneurs are at it again. Now the big idea is to cut hotel lodging in half by pairing strangers up to share a hotel room. Sounds great. [Read More]

Hey, That’s Me!!!

December 24, 2015 BFH 34

This is the only way to handle street protesters who think they have the right to control society because… they can’t control society. HT/ Adam Baldwin

What the Hell Happened?

December 24, 2015 BFH 12

Here’s a video of a fashion show in Afghanistan, circa 1960. Deranged old man, Ron Paul, would tell you that Afghanistan changed because of American intervention. “It was blowback!!!” (Sets [Read More]

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