The Idiocy of Bernie Sanders

September 15, 2015 BFH 11

Adults are trying to figure out how to get out of this multi-generational financial hole that the left and right (mostly the left) has put us in, and Bernie Sanders’ [Read More]

McStain the leftist, at it again

September 14, 2015 BFH 24

McCain Exploits Staged Tearjerker Photo to Argue for Importation of Still More Syrians Emotional exploitation at its most shameless. You may have wondered if there is anything beneath assistant Democrat [Read More]

Is Capitalism Immoral?

September 14, 2015 BFH 38

No. Socialism is immoral. I’m not an economist. But I’m not shy about offering my beliefs on economics, and for years I’ve offered a description of what money is. Money [Read More]

How Do You Feel About a Burka?

September 14, 2015 BFH 28

Helen Mirren has spoken of her irritation at seeing men walking around with their arms “slung round their girlfriend’s shoulders, claiming the act is akin to “ownership”. “It annoys me when [Read More]

Miss America of the 80s

September 14, 2015 BFH 72

The winner for the decade of the 70s was 1975. See contest HERE Update: We erroneously put 77 as the winner. It was 75. (I actually voted for 1975.) Vote [Read More]

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