December 31, 2014 BFH 18

This is a Play-Doh form sold for kids. It’s meant to shoot icing (I’m not kidding) in the Cake Mountin’ errrr, Mountain, set. Has Bro, I mean Hasbro, is offering [Read More]

iOTWreport Annual Report

December 30, 2014 BFH 41

Jetpack, our stat service, sent us a very nice Annual Report. There are some tidbits you’d be interested in. These were our top posts in terms of views: 1 I Think Kirstin [Read More]

Coming Around the Back Porch

December 30, 2014 BFH 17— Until Monday, Angel Suarez was known around the racetrack as the horse-whispering whiz kid. Just 21, the quiet jockey based at Parx Racing won so many races – [Read More]

Make Hifos Out of Lofos and We Win

December 30, 2014 BFH 40

There are way too many lofos (people who only have a casual, or low information, understanding of politics and the issues) unintentionally destroying this country. I say unintentionally because I think [Read More]

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