Fool’s Gold

March 1, 2014 BFH 0

With the failure of Mt. Gox and the evaporation of 850,000 bitcoins (estimated loss of $425 million) its time to SELL, SELL, SELL the worthless fictions before you lose your [Read More]

Job (B)Lock

March 1, 2014 BFH 0

Watch the video at the link and then multiply it by about 5 million and you’ll get a sense of why the participation rate is so low and the “unforeseen [Read More]

Double standard for political gaffes

March 1, 2014 BFH 0

Fox News Doug McKelway In politics, the dreaded foot in mouth gaffe is an occupational hazard.The casual statement, the careless snipe, the outdated phrase that bypasses the brain’s “sensitivity” filter [Read More]

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