Judge in Flynn Case Lawyers Up

May 24, 2020 BFH 39

DBupdate If this surprises you, you haven’t been paying attention. – Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan, under fire for his bizarre conduct of the case involving the framing of General Mike Flynn, [Read More]

Blue Pill People

May 24, 2020 BFH 13

Trust me, this video is a must see. This perfectly illustrates how the “shelter in place” lemmings are the worst Americans. ht/ hot salsa

Allen West involved in motorcycle accident

May 23, 2020 BFH 36

Join me in prayers for  @AllenWest  He was involved in a motorcycle accident after the Freedom Rally outside of WACO.https://twitter.com/RealWayneRoot/status/1264336385164447744 Prayers for my buddy former Congressman Allen West. A great [Read More]

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