Dangerous Toys

September 8, 2020 BFH 64

Our private email ring is discussing dangerous childhood toys. Here are some that were offered up in the emails- Vintage 1963 Mattel VAC-U-FORM Machine-Molds-Supplies | eBay Basically, your kid is [Read More]

Los Angeles / 3rd World Country

September 7, 2020 BFH 23

BLP- The mayor of Los Angeles instructed residents of his city to turn off their air conditioning and major appliances on what may have been the hottest day in the city’s history [Read More]

The Cell Phone

September 7, 2020 BFH 50

…..It was early in the afternoon. He had taken a break from walking and was sitting on an old bench in the park of the little town. It seemed like [Read More]

RIP Mike Sexton

September 7, 2020 BFH 8

Sometimes I just have to post even tough I know the vast majority of people will not know who he was. Sexton was a poker legend, a gymnast, avid ballroom [Read More]

Trump’s Secret Weapon?

September 6, 2020 BFH 13

Read about the 14th Amendment and how it gives the president the power to protect America from enemies of the state. Is the left an enemy of the state? ht/ [Read More]

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