Dancing With the Stars Cuts Away During Incident With Ryan Lochte

September 12, 2016 BFH 6

Apparently security had to spring into action and save Ryan Lochte from some sort of incident on Dancing With the Stars. No word on what it was other than people are not happy with the guy. PETRUS UPDATE: http://thebiglead.com/2016/09/12/a-heckler-rushed-the-stage-after-ryan-lochte-dancing-with-the-stars-performance/

If Only! ABC News Gaffe?

September 12, 2016 BFH 23

I’d love to see the rest of the clip. Whoever captured it cut it off, obviously intentionally, so we don’t get to hear how the newscaster covered for his faux pas. Hey, maybe the guy has a magic TV, like that camera in the Twilight [Read More]

Lying Liars That Lie Like Lying Liars

September 12, 2016 BFH 18

The Clintons and their entire machine make me ill. They are just natural born pathological liars. Here’s the arc on IllaryGate – She has seasonal allergies. She got overheated. She has pneumonia. It’s not contagious. And now this — The Hill- <a href="https://adclick.g.doubleclick.net/pcs/click?xai=AKAOjsvZaqnoTFtydv2nMdE0XbdGvHOOIZ7xuJEsf2VE5DV6n1jdZuA2eqYZ-qTyZPuKw6hXP4e6CD-5Yqf5NlzTZYTBwmRL1xaJvE84cWCubCMAfpI02q5vDm99KvSEGDro8wiV0AaoMru6ANEunzb5HwgYNWMBubiQumOQ7ZLdngfMnJu-uQo375QW7EvO5Kh_uT7gIqk63e_CozLBJY81qPyz5MsFao21MBwevbg1-hWH2exP1ya7ewqLPBIdDokOGmY&sig=Cg0ArKJSzJBI6Ny0jHweEAE&urlfix=1&adurl=https://bs.serving-sys.com/BurstingPipe/adServer.bs?cn=brd&FlightID=17476843&Page=&PluID=0&Pos=1770433416" target="_blank"><img src="https://bs.serving-sys.com/BurstingPipe/adServer.bs?cn=bsr&FlightID=17476843&Page=&PluID=0&Pos=1770433416" border=0 [Read More]

If Hillary were to win and die, who is Tim Kaine?

September 12, 2016 BFH 20

The Hill- According to the media, Tim Kaine took a life transforming “mission” trip to Latin America in 1980. Conveniently left out of these stories, are the radical reality of the Cold War in Latin America and Tim Kaine’s Soviet sympathizing mentors. In fact, whatever Kaine’s intentions, he [Read More]

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